Jay-Z Power Moves Workout with Marco Borges

If you are Beyonce’s partner then you must stay in great shape, and Jay-Z certainly knows how to workout. Jay-Z has employed celebrity fitness trainer Marco Borges, who is also the man behind the Power Moves fitness program.

Marco Borges has been guiding Jay-Z for about 3 years now. Borges’ method is to use whatever tools are at hand to give a full body workout. As Jay-Z has a very busy schedule with many tours and media appointments he does not have easy access to a gym, so his trainer gets him working out everywhere he can, including in stairwells. Running up stairs is fantastic for both muscular endurance and fitness.

Jay-Z has been so impressed with Marco’s Power Moves approach to fitness that he wrote the forward to his book, Power Moves: The Four Motions to Transform Your Body For Life (available from Amazon). In the forward Jay-Z touches on some of the workouts that he does with Marco, such as:

  • Interval sprints around parks in Poland
  • Climbing 40 flights of stairs in tower blocks in Taiwan

So what sort of exercises are done in a Power Moves style of fitness training? As mentioned, the focus is on full body workouts. Also exercises should work multiple joints at the same time. Developing power is about teaching the body’s muscles how to work efficiently and in unison. To do this, compound weight training exercises are performed using free weights.

The Power Moves Fitness Approach

Power Moves strips the body down to four key functional areas that need to be trained:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Knee

This at first seems to be very different from a more traditional approach to exercising that would focus on chest, arms, core and legs. However, the idea is that for each part there is just one simple movement, but each of these simple movements allow you to develop many exercises, which work and strengthen these areas.

One of the workouts featured in the Power Moves book is the Warrior Workout, which is very popular at the moment.It is very likely that Jay-Z does this workout on a regular basis to keep in shape.

The Warrior Workout

  • Dumbell Front Squats – or front barbell squats. Great for legs and core strength.
  • Reverse lunges with chest flyes – Simply step back with one leg and lunge while at the same time raising a pair of dumbbells out in front of you to above shoulder height.
  • Exploding push ups / clap push ups
  • Single arm presses while lying on a resistance ball – great stability exercise and works the shoulder more than a standard press
  • Single Leg dumbbell rows – balance exercise and row combined to strengthen core and back
  • Incline bicep curls – sit on a bench in inclined position with dumbbells hanging downwards. Curl up to shoulders and return
  • Triceps plank press – start in a plank position with your elbows touching the floor, then raise until you are in a push up position
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Snatch – simply lift a single dumbbell from your hip to above your head in one fluid movement.
  • Hanging knee raises – classic core strength exercise that also works grip strength. Hold onto a pull-up bar and then lift your knees to your chest
  • V- Situps – using a medicine ball and balance ball for extra resistance lie flat on the floor with a balance ball between your feet and holding a medicine ball behind your head with arms slightly bent at the elbow. Raise arms and legs so that the balls meet above your waist.
  • Medicine Ball Pistol Squats – these are a great way to develop leg strength without using heavy weights. From a standing position lift one leg forward and then squat downwards as far as possible. You are aiming to squat, so that you are almost sitting on the floor. Then lift. Holding a medicine ball out in front of you at the same time, working the shoulders too.

What is great about this workout is that you do not require many fitness accessories. Apart from the incline bicep curls (standing can replace these if you have no bench), the other items (dumbbells, medicine ball, balance ball) can be packed in your luggage (although it will be a bulky piece of luggage). Excellent for those sell out World Tours.

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