Jason Derulo’s Intensive Workouts

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo. Source: Twitter ‏@jasonderulo

Jason Derulo is a singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer and actor. He was born in Florida in 1989 and has been performing since 2006. He has a very impressive physique and is often seen in the press performing various acrobatic feats such as one handed hand stands. He got into dancing at a very young age and this has formed the core of his workouts since. He is six foot tall and weighs 175 pounds.

In September 2013 he was seen exercising on Bondi Beach in Australia where he was doing handstand press-ups on low parallel bars. However, his extreme fitness has lead to injury – in 2011 he fractured his neck while performing tumbling & acrobatics in rehearsals. He was lucky to have a full recovery.

Weight Training

Jason shared some of his fitness methods with Details.com. The key is simple: hard work. He said that dance is his main cardio workout and that the intricate, fast-paced, high-intensity motions of dance are very similar to boxing. The key is to “push it hard until all my stress and aggression is released.”

He has a personal trainer, Kevin Henderson, who helps him add muscle to his lean dancer’s body.

Jason performs weight training and bodyweight exercises to build muscle and get in shape. He says that he loves going to the gym and uses gym workouts to use up energy. He enjoys the rush of a good workout. He also performs various static exercises when on tour.

His favourite exercise is the up-side down push up. He likes the way he feels strong when doing them.

Other exercises include the Roundhouse Push-up, which is similar to a standard push-up but you keep one arm straight while lowering your body using the other. Then when in the low position you shift your weight across to the other arm and raise. Then repeat going the other way.

He also performs roll-outs which are done with an ab-roller. With knees on the floor you push forwards and roll out in front keeping the arms straight, until your chest is just above the ground. Then return to the upright position by pulling the roller back again. You should really put some cushioning under your knees if performing on hard ground.

No man’s weight training routine would be complete without some bicep curls. He performs barbell curls mostly using a 50 pound bar.

Jason performs shoulder presses too with a single dumbbell. This helps to compliment the handstand push-ups and ensure more balanced muscle development.


Jason admits that he does not come from a superfit family and enjoys to eat. He used to be a little overweight and never took off his shirt when he went to the beach.

In the interview with Details.com he said that for breakfast he mostly eats egg white omelets, fried eggs, wheat toast and chicken sausages. Breakfast is all about getting lean protein to help maintain and build muscle, and keeping carbs to a minimum to prevent fat gain.

When asked about his diet he just says “I promote a healthy lifestyle”. It seems that he is pretty level headed and keen not to endorse diet products.

Perez Hilton interview

In an interview with Perez Hilton he talks a little more about his fitness. In it he discusses breaking his next too. HE says that the neck injury helped him to grow up and turned him into a “fitness freak”.

The key really is a lot of cardio, ideally doing something you love such as dancing, and getting in some regular weight training workouts too. Jason is not a huge guy at all, but has lean and strong muscles and a very solid core. Jason says that everybody should set goals and always keep doing things to keep yourself active and engaged with life.

You can keep up to date with what Jason is doing by following him on Twitter: @jasonderulo

He is also appearing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest on ABC this New Year’s Eve.

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