James Corden Doesn’t Like Patrick Stewart Making Fun Of His Weight!

At this year’s Glamour Awards Sir Patrick Stewart made fun of James Corden’s weight, specifically his fat waistline, and James Corden responded with a vicious attack that only an comedian that has not dealt with many hecklers for years could produce – an aggressive stance and shouting down the heckler.

It was an awkward moment for the audience, Sir Patrick Stewart looked sheepish for a moment and regretted his comment, while James Corden gave him hell on stage. After Sir Patrick left the stage James Corden even said “OK can we get a taxi really quickly please. There’s an old man going home”.

It was a very strange event. James Corden later lifted his shirt to display his large stomach to the audience. Many celebrities supported James Corden and his belly, and once again the belly won!

Overweight is Still Cool3

Sir Patrick is just the latest in a long line of people that have been shot down when even mentioning people’s weight. Being overweight is still somehow accepted in the celebrity world, especially among comedians. Although many have lost weight, such as Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard, the message to young people all over the World is still that it is OK to be fat. Even though James Corden is probably slowly killing himself, at risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, the message is – don’t make fun of fat people.

Being overweight for most people is not a genetic condition or a social quality, it is something that can be reversed, and should be reversed. We reported last year how Frank Skinner, and a comedian of a healthy weight, is trying to make is acceptable to make fun of fat people again.

Fat is still cool, and while it is cool to be fat, and while respected celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart are shot down in flames for mocking a fat man (and then referred to as an old man), youngsters will continue to ignore the advice from health professionals and teachers to lose weight, and instead become overweight, and then obese, and then eventually develop a fatal illness as a result.

Patrick Stewart – 70 and Fit

Patrick Stewart will be 70 next month (13th July) and is in excellent shape and looks incredibly healthy. People should look to great actors like Patrick Stewart for their healthy role models. Sir Patrick is also active in his local community promoting healthy lifestyles. He is president of Huddersfield Town Academy, the local football club’s project for identifying and developing young talent.

So the moral of the story is simply do not mock a comedian’s belly, unless you are a comedian yourself. It is of course OK for comedians to make fun of other fat people.

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