Jada Pinkett Smith’s Workouts and Diet

Jada Pinkett-SmithJada Pinkett Smith keeps herself in excellent shape. Being a successful Hollywood actress certainly gives her the incentive to stay in great shape to keep her at the top of her game. Her first major roles were in A Different World on television and then she appeared in several major feature films, including The Nutty Professor, Scream 2, Ali, The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. She is also a singer, producer and mother of two. She has been married to Will Smith since 1997 after meeting on the set of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She actually auditioned to be Will Smith’s characters girlfriend!

From an early age she got involved in entertainment. Her grandmother encouraged her to do tap dance and ballet to develop her natural talents. She went on to major in Dance and Theatre at the Baltimore School for the Arts before moving to Hollywood to forge a career in acting.

Jada Pinnkett Smith’s Diet

Jada is reported to prefer a high protein diet to ensure that her muscles remain in excellent shape. Also this helps encourage her to eat more low GI foods to ensure that her sugar levels do not rise, which helps to keep the fat cells at bay. She eats on healthy food and rarely is tempted to pig out on junk food and snacks. However, she did put on about 50 pounds when she was pregnant, her hormones eventually got the better of her and she craved all sorts of junk food, and gave in to those cravings!

She managed to lose all her baby fat by restarting her healthy low GI and protein rich diet. Proof that healthy diet and exercise can help you lose baby weight very quickly.

Jada Pinnkett Smith’s Exercise Workouts

Jada uses both intensive cardio exercise and weight training to stay in great shape. She usually exercises twice a day with a cardio session in the morning and a weight training session in the evening. Will Smith works out a lot too so she is lucky to have access to some good gym equipment at home, including free weights.

Cardio sessions should be intensive interval training, that is to say she warms up first for about 5 minutes and then starts doing sprint intervals of about 1 minute, followed by recovery phases. The idea is to raise heart rate, feel the burn (build up of lactic acids), push hard and then recover before repeating. This has been shown to be one of the best ways to lose weight and get fit.

For weight training a full body workout is done that involves mostly compound weight training movements. She does not want to bulk up so by performing compound movements, such as squats, lunges, lateral pull downs, bench press, rows and curls, she exercises more than one muscle group at a time and burns more calories in the process.

When doing both weight training and cardio on the same day you need to ensure that the two sessions are spread well apart. If you do weight training after an intensive cardio session you will suffer as your muscles would not have had time to replenish the glycogen reserves, and glycogen is the fuel that allows muscles to move and work.

If you only have time for one session per day either alternate cardio and weight training each day, or start with weight training and then do cardio to cool down afterwards.

Jada and Will’s son Jaden Smith has started his own acting career, and is the New Karate Kid.

Photo: Jada Pinkett Smith photographed for Vogue magazine in 2001 by Jerry Avenaim

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