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Jack Black by Glenn FrancisJack Black is one of the most famous comedy actors in America at the moment, and also very overweight. For years being overweight has somehow been considered a key element to comedy – so many comedians are overweight. This trend really requires a whole topic in itself, as understanding why funny people so often get fat could help us to understand more about how the human mind works in controlled appetite. But for now, we just want to know how Jack Black plans to lose weight in 2011.

Jack Black has recently announced publicly that he really does intend to lose weight in 2011. And 2011 is only a few hours away now, so what is he planning? Maybe he plans to take up wrestling or just playing a lot of air guitar? Or maybe he is actually going to take a serious approach to health and fitness?

How Much Weight Does Jack Black Want To Lose?

Jack Black wants to lose 50 pounds, which is 22.68kg. This is a pretty large amount of weight, but certainly achievable with some healthy eating and plenty of exercise.

He joked that he will be on a strict diet of raisins – but be warned, that is certainly just a joke. He no doubt has a fitness expert close at his heels teaching him and motivating him to eat well and exercise hard.

The Muscle Confusion Method

Jack Black told Access Hollywood that he plans to use a muscle confusion method to get fit. He explained it in his own words like this:

I’ve figured it out; if you just do sit-ups and push-ups, your body and muscles figure it out and they’re like, ‘Nah, we know what you’re doing. You’re not gonna lose any weight. So what you do is you confuse the muscles, and you go, ‘I’m gonna do some push-ups… No, I’m not, I’m gonna row a boat’. That’s science. And then what I’m also gonna do… get massaged.

This theory is actually pretty good and the one that is utilized in many fitness plans such as CrossFit, Turbulence Training and MetCon.



Photo credit: Jack Black photo by Glenn Francis

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