How to Get a Hollywood Hour Glass Figure

The hour glass figure is the ultimate goal for many women. The idea of having a curvy figure and a slim waist drives many women to go under the knife. But can it be achieved through diet and exercise alone?

The answer of course is, it depends. Some lucky women are gifted with the perfect genes which lead to the accumulation of fat on the breasts and buttocks, with almost no visceral fat being deposited around the internal organs, leading to a natuarally slim waist and flat stomach. For these women, a healthy diet and regular exercise is all that is required.

However, for everyone else, it is a little harder. Firstly, we must remember that spot reduction is mostly a myth. Although some research has shown that you can breakdown fatty tissue by working adjacent muscles, there is no way to know how effective this may be. This means that if you are not blessed with perfect genes, then a combination of diet, exercise and dressing is required.

Firstly, remember that as spot reduction is not possible, just doing crunches does not help. You will build more muscle, but you will not eliminate fat. The best way to attack fat is with intensive exercise. So put on your favourite fitness DVD, or go out for a run (with interval training). Or do bodyweight exercises at home, including jumping jacks (star jumps), squats, lunges, leg raises (grasp a table leg behind your head when laying down), skipping, press ups and squat thrusts, as well as a good helping of crunches.

Some people say that the reason why crunches do appear to help reduce a stomach is because by strengthening core muscles, you create a natural corset thwn brings the waist in.

Squats and lunges are excellent thigh and hum toning exercises. You will struggle to do better with a machine or any gimmicky fitness product. Many women feel that press ups are not for them, however, press ups help to strengthen core muscles, tone arms and shoulders, and also improve posture. For some women strengthening chest muscles can also help to lift the breasts.

So what about diet? Really a sensible healthy diet is best. Consuming plenty of energy burning foods that boost you metabolism helps, such as salmon, pineapple, chillies, cottage cheese and avacado. Avoiding bread, pasta and root vegetables (and potato) is generally beneficial too.

However, do not forget that you help shape your body with some well chosen lingerie, such as push up bras and corsets. The hour glass figure was made famous by Hollywood, and these actresses would employ any method to get the right look.

6 Comments on “How to Get a Hollywood Hour Glass Figure”

  1. My measurements are 32 25 36 is there any way possible that my measurements can become 34 25 35? Or at least somewhat close to that?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Well, weight training would build some muscle on your torso, to adding 2 inches to your chest measurement is certainly possible. Trimming some fat off your glutes and hips (if you have some) would possibly reduce your hip measurement a little. So a combination of upper body weight training and some intensive cardio workouts should help. Essentially you could increase your rib cage circumference to make your bust look bigger.

  3. I have really twiggy arms and I wanna gain weight in my arms and in my upper body is that possible?

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    Yes, again weight training is the answer. Some bench presses, shoulder presses (light weight), curls and rows should provide suitable changes.

  5. My bottom measurements is 36 is there any possible way for that to become a 35 or 34?

  6. MotleyHealth says:

    yes, exercise. Tone up, lose fat. Less / no sugar will help too.

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