Ricky Gervais Goes on the “English Diet”

Ricky Gervais in 2007Ricky Gervais, famous for being a funny fat guy, has lost weight. He follows a long line of British comedians that have decided to lose weight in the last year. Stephen Fry famously walked his way to fitness last summer, Eddie Izzard ran around Great Britain for charity. Also Johnny Vegas, James Cordon and Peter Kay all have lost some weight recently.

Ricky Gervais has lost 12 pounds (about 6kg) so far this year. And he has done it by exercising for 1 hour a day, 7 days a week.

In case you read that Ricky Gervais lost 3 stone, he makes it very clear in his blog that he has not lost that much weight. He also points out rather matter-of-factly that he did not lose weight to appease Hollywood film producers either. He did it purely for his own pleasure, although his aim was to be healthy and fitter, weight loss was just a side effect of a healthier lifestyle.

Yet they still go with the idea that I have lost 3 stone. I haven’t lost 3 stone. Did I mention that? That I haven’t lost 3 stone I mean? I haven’t lost 3 stone. If you were to ask me If I’ve lost 3 stone I would almost certainly say no.” Ricky’s blog.

As for his diet, he continues to eat out in New York almost every night when he is there (which is not often really), and drinks wine, and still enjoys his desserts. He says that he often says no to dessert, but being famous means that they just give it to him for free anyway. Being a British gentleman, Ricky does not refuse his pudding.

He says that he is really on an “England diet” though, as he spends most of his time in England, eating food, much like other people tend to do in England. His diet is really shockingly normal, for an English person.

However, he is obviously enjoying his new weight, and admits that he would like to lose more weight – but definitely not by cutting calories or going on any wacky diets. He will only lose more weight by increasing his workout duration and intensity.

I would love to lose more weight actually but not by cutting calories. I will do it, if I can, by upping my workout even more. If this doesn’t work then fine. I will be fit and heavy.”

If you are wondering why Ricky Gervais decided to start working out everyday, he makes it clear – better late than never.

Our tip for Ricky – keep changing your workout a little. As you get fitter, do some more intensive intervals (short sprints for 30 seconds then back to normal pace). Lift some weights too, focus on the big moves like bench press, squats, shoulder press. This will help burn more fat!

Here Ricky Gervais appears on the David Letterman Show and Mentions his Weight


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