Britney Spears is Totally Bally Fit

Britney Spears at the NFL Kickoff Live 2003 - Photo by Chief Warrant Officer 4 Seth RossmanBritney Spears has been in a press recently for all the wrong reasons. She has had a troubled divorce, custody battles over her children, and the media spotlight has generated a very stressful environment for her. However, it appears that she is starting to take control of her life again, and getting herself back into shape, slimming down and toning up to the figure that she once was a few years ago. So, how is she doing it?

Britney is a very active woman, her stage performances demand high levels of physical fitness. For this, she performs intensive gym workouts. Her regular haunt is Bally Total Fitness in Los Angeles, which is famous in the USA for its well structured workouts and the motivational staff, who ensure that club members stay on track and keep working hard.

Britney would most likely have followed a combination of the Bally Total Weight Loss plan and the Bally Total Muscle Toning Plan. Here are some typical workouts that Britney Spears would be doing to get in shape for the stage:

Britney’s Weight Loss Workouts

For Weight Loss, the following 3 sessions per week routine is popular:

  • 5-10 minute warm-up
  • 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity at 55%-75% of predicted maximum heart rate*
  • 5-10 minute cool-down
  • 10 minutes stretching and toning

1-3 sets (depending on desired muscle growth and toning) of 8-12 repetitions:

  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Seated row
  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep extension
  • Abdominal crunch

*For the cardio part of this workout heart rate should be maintained in the fat burning zone, which is the Predicted maximum heart rate (MHR) of 220 less your age. For example, for Britney, a 26 year old, the MHR = 220 – 26 = 194.

This is a classic all-round workout, which provides a good cardio warm-up followed by some weight training to help build and maintain muscle which is essential for intensive dance routines during concerts.

Britney’s Diet Plan

Britney at Mel Gibson's Costa Rican ranch

Britney’s weight has fluctuated due to poor diet. Britney had developed a junk food addiction and her daily diet consisted mostly of empty calories. She has been seen consuming Red Bull energy drinks, Starbucks Frappuccinos and Marlboro Lights, all of which are neither healthy or help control the waistline. Britney’s trainer has instructed her to follow these simple rules:

  • Six small meals a day of specially prepared organic food – chicken, salads, vegetables and other low-fat fare.
  • Cut out barbecue sauces and gravies
  • Eat more protein – especially on tour
  • Eat complex carbs such as brown rice, vegetables and wholegrain breads


So this is a diet akin to an athlete or bodybuilder. By having several small meals per day, you ensure that your body is always receiving a good supply of proteins and nutrients to help rebuild and repair muscle, and to fuel further workouts. Carbs are essential to maintain a very active lifestyle.

Although to quickly lose weight, a low carb diet generally works best, not everyone can stomach just fat and protein for weeks on end. Sticking to wholegrain carbs ensures that more of the food consumed is in the form of dietary fibre rather than sugar – this is really the main principal of low carb diets.

Britney Spears Follows Our Weight Loss Rule No. 5

Britney Spears is currently preparing herself for her next world tour. To help her get into shape quicker, she has decided to stop drinking alcohol. We know that Britney does a demanding workout to stay in shape but in recent years she has put on a little weight, which even her rigorous workout refused to shift. The press had recently referred to her being “pot bellied” and being “out of control”, which is really a little harsh however she has proved that she can take control of her life again, and is getting into excellent shape.

Britney knew that she had to do something to regain her youthful physique, and decided that a change in lifestyle was required, so decided to give up booze. This is what we have been preaching for years now, and is our 6th rule of Start Losing Weight. Few people appreciate how much energy is in alcohol, especially in beer and sugary alcopops. When you drink alcohol, your body starts to use that as its prime source of energy, and then after the alcohol is used up, food (sugars and fats) are then used. It is easy to see how having a few drinks a day can quickly increase your calorific intake.

Giving up alcohol has helped Britney Spears to shed an extra 10 pounds (4.5kg) which she is said to be extremely pleased with. She now has a very fit and athletic body once again, is slim, and most importantly she is looking fantastic, full of life and glowing with energy and vitality. She has reached her ideal weight and is happy with her level of fitness, and now is just maintaining her figure in readiness for the world tour preparations that start in the New Year.

Once again Britney is setting a good example, with sensible, healthy weight loss through a healthy diet, exercise, and making a few sacrifices.

Recent photos of Britney in the press show that she has lost weight and is looking much fitter and sexier. The photo below shows her on the beach at Mel Gibson and his wife’s ranch in Costa Rica.

Photo Source: Daily Mail.

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