Heather Graham Says No To Booze and Sugar

Heather Graham at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011.
Heather Graham at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011.

Heather Graham has suddenly shot to fitness famedom after appearing in The Hangover Part III. Although Heather has been a hot screen actress for well over a decade, it seems that her latest role has led to some new interest in her body! Heather is 173cm tall (5’8”) and weighs around 56 kg (124 pounds). This means that she is a good weight for a woman with little total muscle mass – slim, lean and healthy.

Before The Hangover Part III she appeared in a long line of TV series and movies. Her first major role was as Annie Blackburn in the cult TV series Twin Peaks. She then appeared as Brandy, aka Rollergirl, in Boogie Nights in 1997 and 2 years after she played Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Recently the Daily Mail featured a series of photos of Heather on the beaches of Rio along with her Hangover co-stars, and described to readers that “Heather wiped away the salt water from her toned physique her multi-coloured bikini stayed perfectly in place“. Bikini’s staying in place is not uncommon really, but what is impressive is the excellent shape that Heather is in.

In the latest instalment of the stag-night-gone-wrong franchise she shows Heather pole dancing – an activity which requires a lot of skills, athleticism and excellent core strength. Heather Graham is 43 years old and has not had children, although according to OK! Magazine she and her partner Jason Silva have discussed adoption.

Heather’s Healthy And Extremely Tasty Diet

One of her favorite dishes for when she cooks at home is sea bass with a hazelnut crust, which is made with hazelnuts, bread crumbs, cilantro, cayenne pepper, soy sauce, honey, olive oil and lemon. A simple, healthy and very tasty meal. If this is her preferred dish you can quickly start to understand why she is in such great shape.

However, another of her favorite dishes is Beer Can Chicken, which does include brown sugar as one of its ingredients. She also enjoys sweet potato fries as well as baked wedges. She makes lots of salads, using rich green leafy vegetables such as kale, which are high in nutrients and low in calories.

No Sugar

While Heather does consume sugar sometimes, she makes a real effort to avoid it most of the time. This includes most high GI foods, such as bread, pastries and cookies – generally anything made with refined white flour.

No Alcohol

OK, maybe not no alcohol at all, but she describes herself as a bit boring, and this is because she does not tend to drink much during the week. A shame that you have to call yourself boring if you do not drink alcohol really.

Avoiding alcohol is a great way to stay in good shape. Alcohol contains a lot of additional calories which your body simply does not need. It also lowers your inhibitions and people tend to reach for unhealthy snacks after a few drinks.

Heather’s Favorite Workouts

Pole Dancing?

While she looks an absolute natural on The Hangover Part III there have been no whispers of Heather taking up pole dancing as a way to stay in shape. She told Scoopla that a good friend of hers runs a pole dancing class and taught her all the moves.

Gym Workouts?

While the paps have snapped her leaving the gym in the evening, she is usually seen carrying her trusty blue yoga mat under her arm.


Heather told Zimbio that she does Pilates twice a week, but it is yoga that she enjoys the most. However, she did reveal a very interesting little secret – “I already kind of have a workout routine that I do“. This suggests that she performs a series of bodyweight workouts that can be done anywhere, any time – vital if you are often away from home or a gym.


Heather is a big fan of yoga. She often practices yoga for up to 4 hours a day, and as well as regular yoga practice she also enjoys going on yoga retreats to countries such as Mexico where she can really relax and get away from the Hollywood lifestyle.

“Yoga is my obsession. I love it! I would rather be doing yoga than most other things.”

She likes to take the time to focus on her own inner-self and spirituality, while also getting some intensive yoga practice in. As well as yoga she has been doing Transcendental Meditation since 1991, and this helps her to stay focused.

Apparently Heather studies DPP Yoga, which is a relatively new branch of yoga which combines yoga poses with dynamic movements and breathing techniques. It is more closely aligned with Ashtanga yoga, which is a more intensive form.

This yoga system was developed by Diamond Dallas Page (DPP) who was a pro wrestler. He ruptured the L4/L5 discs in his back in 1998 and started practising yoga as part of his rehab. After its success he wrote a book, Yoga for Regular Guys Workout. His system is derived from his favorite form of yoga, Power Yoga, which itself has its origins in Ashtanga Yoga. DPP is now available as workout videos.

Her yoga workouts give her a great deal of core and upper body strength as well as flexibility, although she would have needed some intensive coaching prior to filming to learn how to pole dance.


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Photo by Dimitri Sarantis (Creative Commons licence).

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  1. I think Heather looks fantastic, wouldn’t mind the diet either. I donot drink already

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