Hayley Williams the Freaky Eater

Hayley Williams, photo by Riot!4ever
Hayley Williams performing in 2010.

Hayley Williams is the rocker that fronts Paramore. She is famous for the song “Teenagers” that was featured in Jennifer’s Body.

She is in great shape with a slim but fit and lean body. She mostly stays in shape by following a healthy lifestyle and diet. She campaigns against smoking and her work keeps her active.

According to Paramore.net Hayley Williams’ favorite foods are:

  • Mr. Farro’s walnut chicken…really anything Mr. or Mrs. Farro cook.
  • All foods involving lots of cheese (Because it’s usually forbidden due to the voice).
  • BBQ
  • Tijuana wrap from Sam and Zoe’s in Berry Hill, TN
  • Salmon and tuna sashimi

She also lists Waffle House as one of there favorite places!

Health Eating – Breakfast and Herbal Tea

In an interview with Self Magazine she talked about how she keeps healthy while on tour. She found early on that having a healthy breakfast everyday set her up for the day, gave her more energy and made her feel healthier and more alert.

She avoids dairy and instead drinks almond milk. She enjoys drinking herbal tea with Munuka honey. Although she admits to loving candy she does not eat any while on tour.

She also avoids eating after 8pm, so there is no risk of piling on extra weight while she sleeps. This is really to avoid acid reflux than specifically to manage her weight, but it will help.

Is Hayley a Freaky Eater?

When asked a for a fun fact about herself, Hayley says:

“I only eat one thing at a time… and sometimes in a clockwise fashion around my plate. It’s terrifying.”

A strange way of eating, but actually one that can help you to digest and absorb nutrients well, and may also help you to control eating by making your feel full sooner. When people take care over how they eat they generally are more in tune with their body response to eating, and therefore more likely to recognise when they feel full. So although her approach to eating is a little strange, it may actually contribute to her great figure.

Hayley Williams Fitness Workouts

Hayley finds that just performing on stage and rehearsing is enough of an aerobic workout to help keep her in shape. She keeps up her energy on stage to help work up her fans, which she admits is exhausting but also keeps her in great shape.

She also told Self Magazine that she is going to start the Insanity Workout:

“I’m ordering the Insanity Workout, I’m really stoked about it. You’ve heard of P90X right? It’s the same people, but it’s way more cardio.”

She does not want to build muscle but is keen to get really fit so that she can dance and strut on stage without tiring. Her favorite exercises are the plyometrics, tempo and yoga moves.

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