Harry Judd Poses In His Pants

Harry Judd half nude on Attitude magazine
January 2012 edition of Attitude

In the summer of 2011 Harry Judd was just a drummer in McFly, the strange guy at the back that everyone ignored. Then he appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and stunned viewers and judges and one the glitter ball trophy. Since then he has appeared on the front of magazines, namely Attitude, where he appears almost nude in the January 2012 issue.

As you can see from his body he is in amazing shape. Strictly Come Dancing was only on for 4 months, so needless to say he was in top shape before he started the training with Aliona Vilani, his Russian dance partner from the show.

Harry Judd’s Diet

According to the BBC his favourite food is his mum’s Spaghetti Bolognese. Of course, this does not mean that he eats mounds of it every day.

According to the Mirror Harry Judd as been on a diet of smoothies and protein shakes. He gave up drinking alcohol too. He has been eating really healthy, keep portions down but eating enough food to ensure that he has the energy to exercise for hours on end. The protein shakes and smoothies ensure that he get plenty of carbohydrate and protein to help maintain and grow his muscles.

Harry’s Fitness Trainer: Oliver Harte-Stockwell

Harry Judd has employed Oliver Harte-Stockwell as his personal fitness instructor. Oliver’s philosophy of life and exercise is;

“Our bodies are designed to move and our muscles to be exerted. Exercise is a fundamental requirement for life”.

Harry Judd started training once a week with Olly in 2009. Harry explains on Oliver’s website that since training with a professional fitness instructor he has achieved goals he never thought was possible. Harry explains how paying attention to the fine details of training, ensuring the exercise is completed with good form and workouts are completed on a regular basis.

“I have experienced phenomenal strength gains under Olly’s guidance which has improved my sporting ability in both Rugby and Football.” Harry Judd.

Harry was given an exercise program that he could do by himself at home or while on the road. This really is key to getting in great shape – to be able to exercise every day and to not allow distractions or obstacles get in your way. Throw out attitude of “I do not have time” and make time for your daily exercise.

Harry Judd performs a typical workout really, a combination of cardio (running, cycling, cross trainer) and plenty of bodyweight exercises and weight training. He also uses portable resistant bands (this is something that Oliver Harte-Stockwell recommends) which provide a very easy way to workout the muscles while away from a gym. The focus is on regular workouts to keep burning fat and toning muscles, combined with healthy eating to provide adequate nutrition for growth and development, but keeping total calories down to the bare minimum to ensure no fat accumulates.

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