Frankie Sandford’s Flat Stomach and Toned Legs – Diets and Workouts

Frankie SandfordFrankie Sandford, one of the singers in The Saturdays, has an amazing flat stomach with signs of tight muscles and the beginnings of a six pack. With a little more work she could easily build here abdominals a little and cut some more fat to reveal a sexy six pack in her next music videos. So, how does she do it?

The Saturdays perform high intensity dance routines as part of their performances, both on stage and in their music videos. Getting fit to dance with such energy burns a lot of fat and dance routines work the core naturally without having to do any additional stomach toning exercises.

Frankie is not a celebrity that is obsessed with health and fitness though. She admits that she does not watch her diet and never exercises to lose weight. She enjoys pizzas, burgers and other fast food especially when touring. She is also fond of curry and Chinese.

The Saturdays Cause a Stir at the Girl Guides Concert

The Saturdays are certainly one of the sexiest groups performing at the moment and with Frankie Sandford leading the way they always please. However, after appearing in a tiny pair of hotpants and a cropped T-shirt on the stage at the 2012 Girl Guide Big Gig some people felt she went a little too far!

The hot pants were so tights that are butt checks were on show. Of course, the girls watching the show did not notice, or mind, it is only a few of the parents that took any offence.

At the concert Mollie King was also dressed the thrill, wearing a short white skirt and a vest top that revealed her bra underneath. She also has a tiny, fit waist.

Rochelle Wiseman was looking almost as fit as Frankie too.

Healthy Diets All Round

You do not get a fit and sexy body like that of Frankie Sandford or Mollie King without following a healthy diet as well as doing plenty of exercise.

Mollie certainly enjoys looking after herself. She once tweeted;

“So it’s 1am and i’ve just been on youtube watching “How to cook a sea bass” #wow”

OK, late nights are not ideal, but learning to cook fish and other healthy foods that contain lean proteins is vital to good health. Sea bass is great steamed and served with fresh vegetables, also steamed or a salad. Yum!

Exercise and Fitness

The Saturdays are a professional band who perform intensive dance routines, the rehearsals and choreography sessions will burn up a lot of calories and get them really fit in the process.

Pro dancers also perform some core fitness exercises to help strengthen their bodies. Theses are really old school, with squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks along with some running or other forms of cardio.

To be fit and healthy like Frankie and the Saturdays, you just need to be consistent with your healthy eating and exercise. Never eat junk food, never add sugar to drinks, consume mostly water and eat freshly prepared meals instead of takeaways and ready meals / processed food. This is the key to good health, and always has been!

Missing You Video by The Saturdays

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  1. Apparently Frankie’s diet tip is to not eat bread. Very simple and very sensible. Bread is full of carbohydrates that are essenially sugars. White bread is especially bad. Once eaten there is nothing but energy to be stored as fat – almost nothing of any nutritional value.

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