Fat Fighter Member Loses Half Her Weight

There is an expression that art mimics life, and life mimics art. This seems to be true with respect to weight loss clubs, as Tracy Kelleher, who is a member of Little Britain’s Fat Fighters Club, as managed to lose half her bodyweight. When she appeared on Little Britain she was morbidly obese, and weighed about 22 stone (308 pounds).

She has managed to lose 11 stone, and has been informed by the production team that she can no longer appear on the show as she is not fat enough to be in Fat Fighters! It would be good if Little Britain brought her back to gloat over Marjorie Dawes though.

Fat Fighters is headed up by Matt Lucus’ character, Marjorie Dawes, who simply tells her class to “eat dust” while she scoffs donuts and cream cakes behind a partition. But Tracy Kelleher is not the only member of Fat Fighters to lose a lot of weight. Matt Lucas may have to write himself out of the script, as he too has lost a lot of weight.

He appeared on the Jonathan Ross show, and was noticeably slimmer.  Doctors have also advised him he needs to lose weight. Lucas’ father died of a heart attack at an early age, and it is in Matt’s interests to lose weight to prevent his fathers genes from triggering a heart problem for him.

Matt Lucas his eating a calorie restricted diet, and also exercising. In an exclusive with The Sun, he explains;

“It’s hard, but it does get the endorphins going and I do get a tremendous sense of achievement as I lie there in pain. My trainer is a really nice, eccentric lady, and while we train we have really interesting conversations.”

It would be really good to see Matt Lucas lose a lot of weight, as this should help to prove that weight loss is possible with diet and exercise alone, and more importantly, being overweight should not define who a person is.

Matt admitted that he was concerned that losing weight would have a negative impact on his comic performance. But on a plus side, he said that if Marjorie Dawes was slim, she would be unbearable in Fat Fighters, which seems to actually be a very tempting route to take the character down.

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