Eoin Macken Tweets About Going to the Gym

Eoin Macken
Eoin Macken at the Man Of Steel première, Sydney, June 2013

Eoin Macken is an actor and model. He plays TC Callahan, an adrenaline junkie, in The Night Shift which airs on NBC in Autumn 2013. He has also featured in hit shows including Merlin (Sir Gwaine). He has written and directed his own film, Cold. Before his actor career got underway he was a successful model for Abercrombie and Fitch, Ralph Lauren and GQ.

He is certainly in excellent shape, so what can we discover about his diet and his workouts? Our research has uncovered some interesting facts about how he stays in good shape. As a model he no doubt learned to combine health and moderated eating with regular exercise.

Frequent visits to the gym?

From reading Eoin Macken’s Twitter page he seems to take an interest in the gym, either as an active participant or just as a source of jokes.

He visits the gym when traveling

“U know that your in a fancy hotel when the gym has a carpet that U want to lie on and eat pasta off…” – 9:49 PM – 3 Dec 12

He visits the gym when hungover

“There was a talking unicorn doing squats in my gym, talking to himself. I think. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone hungover.” – 3:43 PM – 24 Mar 13

Jokes about gym layouts

“U can tell when man’s designed the gym as Rowing machines(men) are behind cross trainers(used by women)” – 10:30 AM – 30 Apr 12

I wonder if any women were aware that heart-throb Eoin Macken was sitting behind them …….

Eoin Macken on running

Twitter also reveals evidence that he runs quite a bit.

“When running sans boxers,tying keys 2inside tie of jog pants in freezing cold is recklessly stupid idea,should have thought about the kids.” – 10:48 AM – 11 Feb 12

You have to be dedicated to run in winter, especially without your underwear on!

“This running 5,000m above sea level lark ain’t helping me” – 10:41 PM – 20 Nov 12

It probably was helping him stay in shape.

“I got lost in the fog running on the cliffs so thought I’d take a photo of my dogs for no reason http://instagram.com/p/OE43cQC0-g/” – 7:32 PM – 8 Aug 12

“Casual day running on the cliffs in Dublin….tourists keep getting in the way” – 4:40 PM – 22 Jul 12

“Went into the sportsmans warehouse’ for running shoes & it was easier to find a rifle & bullets than athletics gear… #onlyinamerica” 7:49 PM – 12 Nov 12

“Irony of ironies, life you mock me, I go running with my German Shepard on a lead & I get bitten by a poodle..next time ill let him eat it..” 1:22 PM – 28 Mar 13

So, plenty of evidence that Eoin is a keen runner, running in all weathers (cold and fog), at altitude and around the busy cliffs of Dublin during the summer.

Eoin Macken’s diet

Information about Eoin Macken’s diet is highly rationed. He rarely talks about food and has even criticized fellow Tweeters and Instagram users for posting photos of their food!

What we do know is that he does not avoid carbs after 6pm:

“Watching tv whilst eating crunchy cereal is hard..,.you have to raise the volume to drown out the crunch which is hard late at night…” 5:34 AM – 3 Mar 12

We also know that he likes a drink, as in addition to the gym hangover tweet, there is also;

“You know that you’re really hungover when a cup of tea feels like eating a meal….” – 10:51 AM – 11 May 13

He also enjoys a good burger, even when it comes from a new friend:

“Makes the roo burger tastier now I know it has personality….” – 12:20 AM – 29 Jun 13

He also enjoys chocolate and cereals, but not American style:

“Chocolate. And cereal. Two things that taste terribly worse in America. Makes me feel foreign how bad they are here.” – 2:56 AM – 10 Nov 12

Toast Lover:

“Feel I should tweet some inspiring, roar raising stuff for new year but somebody put on some toast & I have to butter it before it goes cold” – 6:36 PM – 31 Dec 12

What did we learn from his Tweets?

Eoin Macken probably exercises on a regular basis, both in the gym and running outdoors. He runs in all weathers, in cold winters and throughout the summer. He goes to the gym when in hotels and traveling, which suggests that going to the gym is another part of his regular workout routine. Other than this we know nothing else really. But, if you run a good distance couple of times a week and hit the gym 2 to 3 times you will be physically fit and in good shape.

Judging by his body he lifts weights a lot. He has well defined abdominals, triceps and chest muscles, something which only comes with years of frequent gym visits. If you follow a weight training routine for a year or so and get some regular cardio in, such as running, you will get in great shape.

As for his diet, it does not sound “healthy” as such, but portion control is probably his “secret” to staying in shape, as it is with most models and actors really. He enjoys drinking, eating chocolate, eating sugary (high GI) breakfast cereals – he even eats cereal late at night in front of the television.

Overall he sounds like an average guy who likes to keep in shape without getting obsessive about it. His career is built on his good looks and staying in good shape, and simply controlling how much you eat and getting some regular exercise is actually enough for most people to stay in great shape.

We are going to feel very silly if this does not turn out to be the “official” Eoin Macken Twitter page ….

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

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