Emma Watson Loves Sport

Emma Watson by flickr.com/photos/classicchanelhandbags/Due to popular demand we have done some research to find out how Emma Watson, a.k.a Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, stays in such great shape. Emma Watson has recently started some modelling work. Emma has spoken out in the past about celebrities that are too thin – she says that she thinks being thin is unattractive. She prefers a healthy and athletic look.

Emma’s Healthy Diet

Emma follows a very healthy diet plan. That is is say that she is not on a diet, but she eats healthy foods that are generally low in sugar, saturated fat and salt. Processed foods, takeaways and junk food are generally avoided instead she eats fresh fruits, vegetables, leans meats and healthy salads.

Even her healthy diet is not at all strict though. She admits to liking chocolate and eats pasta, and enjoys baking too. She also admits to loving bagels, something she only discovered after she started studying in America. She is proof that you can have a well balanced and healthy diet without having to follow a strict regime.

Emma’s Workouts

Certainly during her school days she enjoyed playing hockey as well has hillwalking to stay in shape.

“Sport really makes me feel good about myself.”

When she said this she was referring to how she feels after a game of hockey, when her blood is flowing and her body feels invigorated. Sports and exercise really do make you feel happier, both about life in general and about your own body and appearance.

She is often seen walking to and from the gym at Brown University in Providence. She works out with Uni friends to help her stay in shape, often workout out for up to 90 minutes at a time.


7 Comments on “Emma Watson Loves Sport”

  1. Wow, when did Emma get so hot? I did not realise she was so fit. Well done too for speaking out against the skinny celebs. Looking forward to seeing more of her now :)

  2. Have you got her diet? Like what she eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner? I want to be slim like Emma. Also I don’t play any sports, what exercises can I do to slim down by hips and tummy?

  3. Becs, we shall try to find more information on what Emma Watson eats, but at the moment we just do not know.

    As for exercise, learning a circuit training routine that you can do anywhere is possible the best option, as then there is never an excuse for not exercising!

  4. I’m actually trying to gain a healthy weight and Emma’s body is kind of what I’m looking for. What do you suggest I eat? Exercises?

  5. Emma I love ‘everything’ you wear. So beautiful and classy(ish). Not like the sl*ts I see around the streets where I live. You are totally fit and in great shape. YOU ROCK! :)

  6. Emma Watson is such a beauty naturally. I’m so glad that she is not as twisted as some young American actresses can be. Such a healthy young woman!

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