Emma Stone Says Good Morning to Pilates

Emma Stone by Gage Skidmore
Emma Stone, March 2012

Emma Stone has, until recently, been a very slender woman. For her latest role as Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy in the new Spiderman film, The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma has been training with the same fitness instructor that Andrew Garfield has been working with.

She touched on her fitness while chatting with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. On the show she described Andrew Garfield as being in the most unbelievable shape ever, however, her own training was progressing a little slower.

Emma was never a sporty person at all, was never on any school sports team and never really exercised. In her first fitness session with the Spiderman fitness instructor she could not perform a single push up, not even on her knees. She also admits that intensive workouts adversely affects her mood, saying that working out with Andrew Garfield (she had to train with him sometimes) “brings out anger in me“.

Rock-climbing at Chelsea Piers, New York City

Emma Stone does have some active hobbies though, she is not as sedentary as she makes out in interviews. She enjoys going rock climbing at Chelsea Piers in New York, or at least she used to. Chelsea Piers has an indoor rock climbing wall, or a series of walls and some impressive over-hangs and crevices, to be more precise. It provides some very challenging climbs, as well as easier climbs and climbing tuition.

Rock climbing is a great form of exercise. It works both the legs and the upper body – it certainly is not all about upper body strength. To climb well you need to use your legs, and this really helps tone them. The sheer effort of lifting your bodyweight up a wall several times also burns a lot of energy.

Morning Pilates

Emma enjoys a morning Pilates session to help tone and strengthen her muscles. As she is such a slender woman she does not need to do a great deal of gym work. The focus is on building muscular endurance, stability and to get fit and tone the body. Pilates is essentially a selection of bodyweight exercises with some stretches.

Pilates was developed initially to help rehabilitate injured soldiers, but has become a popular way to tone muscles and strengthen the core.

Weight Training and Fitness with her P.T.

When working out with her personal trainer Emma Stone is taken through all the usual weight training exercises which are designed to improve strength and stability. Weight training like this, does not lead to much larger muscles in women. It is a great way to develop a curvier but with an athletic figure.

Walking and Hiking

Emma also enjoys walking in the countryside and hiking through the mountainous regions of California when the opportunity arises. Again, like climbing, this type of active hobby is a fantastic way to stay in great shape. All you need is a good pair of books, some comfortable clothing, a map, and you are good to go.

Emma Stone’s Diet

Emma has always been an advocate of healthy eating. She told Vanity Fair magazine in 2011 that she is very much against fad diets and lots of exercise. However, for Spiderman it seems that she has done what has to be done to secure a great acting role – hit the gym with a personal trainer.

Emma Stone is really just a healthy and fit woman. Although she has been doing some specific fitness training with an instructor for the Spiderman movies, she has always maintained a fit and healthy body with simple, sensible eating and regular exercise through active hobbies.

Emma hinted that there will be a few new Spiderman films.

Photo by Roland Ermers.

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