Emily VanCamp’s Fine Food and Pilates Lifestyle

Emily VanCamp wearing a blue dress with hair tied back, smiling.Emily VanCamp has really shot to fame recently due to her portrayal of Emily Thorne in the television drama series Revenge. Before making Revenge, Emily also appeared in Brothers & Sisters, Ben Hur and Everwood.

Emily is Canadian, born and raised in Port Perry in Ontario. She attended the Montreal University of Contemporary Ballet which gave her a great foundation in fitness. She does not train ballet any longer but can still perform a few ballet moves.

Pilates and Swimming

Emily VanCamp does not seem to head out to the gym a great deal. However, she does do Pilates classes and also goes swimming.

In August 2011 she mentioned a couple of times that she was doing Pilates, on one occasion she actually said “Why I am going to a Pilates class when I am this tired is beyond me” – a sign that she is dedicated to staying in shape. Earlier this year we reported that Pippa Middleton does Pilates to stay in shape.

It is always hardest to exercise when you are feeling really tired after a long day working, but the fittest people always drag themselves out for a much-needed workout. This is what divides the fit and slim and everyone else!

Lalo Fuentes – Her Personal Trainer

Emily seeks guidance from Lalo Fuentes. She says on how website that although she has always loved yoga and Pilates Lalo has helped her attain a much higher level of fitness. In fact, it is Lalo who introduced her to the idea of working out in the pool to improve her fitness and her figure.

“By combining work on land mixed with pool excercises, we have found an incredible routine that really works for my body and gets me into shape fast for upcoming projects.” Emily VanCamp

Lalo offers a range of fitness solutions and tailor made workout plans. One of his personal training sessions includes 30 minutes of intensive weight training to develop strength and tone which is followed by 15 minutes of cardio to aid fat burning. He was also trained at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education where he learned how to prepare healthy meals.

Diet of Fine Food, Wine and Baking Gluten Free Cakes

She also once described a perfect Sunday as being “Pilates, Baking, Pool time“. Emily is a woman who enjoys her food but knows how to control her eating.

She also enjoys an active lifestyle. In July 2011 she talked about a day spent with one of her best friends that involved a “Great hike, Great food and delicious wine“. If you are active all the time then you can afford to be more relaxed with your diet at times, and this means you can enjoy life’s pleasures of good food and wine!

Emily does love to bake, something which rarely goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle. However, she manages to pull it off. Sometimes she baked gluten-free though, whether this is due to an intolerance or for weight loss diet reasons is not known at the moment.

In August 2011 she tweeted that she had “Made the yummiest carrot cakes today and attempted gluten-free brownies“.

Emily VanCamp understands the importance of a “good home cooked meal“, both in terms of health and in a social context. To be able to invite a friend over to have dinner and to prepare a healthy and delicious meal is something that she obviously feels strongly about. To be able to cook good food is a great asset when entertaining visitors as it means that you can be healthy and stay out of the public’s eye too.

Umami Burgers

Emily is certainly not afraid to enjoy fast food either, so long as it is luxurious and healthy. Earlier this year she reported that she had “just had my first Umami Truffle Burger“. Umani is one of the five basic tastes and one of the lesser known.

The four tastes that most people are familiar with are sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami is specifically the taste of glutamates and nucleotides, and these are added to Umani burgers to provide a super taste sensation. The Umani Burger chain also prides itself in its healthy ingredients – they grind their own meat, process the cheese and pickle their own vegetables.

Of course, we do not know if Emily regularly eat umani burgers now, but she certainly did try one. The point is, you can be healthy and fit and still enjoy some delicious food, including burgers (the can really be healthy meals).

Emily VanCamp maintains her great body just by doing regular exercise and following a sensible, healthy diet. A combination of Pilates and swimming, with walking and hiking with friends when she can find the time, and healthy home cooked food and gluten-free cakes, and she stays in good shape. Really, that is all we all need to do. The task for many is getting into great shape first, and that is where MotleyHealth can help you!

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