Drake’s Muscle Building Workouts and Diet Revealed

Drake weight and muscle gain 2013 and 2018Canadian rapper Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) has packed on some muscle and gone from being a fit and slim during his first years of fame from to being bulkier and stronger in 2018.

Drake was always a skinny child, and because of this he was cast as a skinny kid in a wheelchair in the Canadian drama Degrassi. The main change has taken place in just one year, so what has he been up to? As well as seeing some of his training photos on Instragram, we have also read interviews with his personal trainer, Jonny Roxx, so here’s the low down on Drake’s fitness and diet plan.

Jonny Roxx – Drake’s Personal Trainer

Drake’s personal trainer spoke with GQ Magazine about Drake’s transformation. He explained that he has been getting Drake to focus on his fitness more than anything else. While weight training is a key element in this, Drake has not been on a specific bodybuilding routine.

“Generally speaking, it’s not really body-building, it’s more all-around fitness. There was a point that I shredded him down 30 pounds because he wanted to look nice and thin in suits. Now we’re on this new phase where he wants to look bigger, so that’s what we’re working on.” – Jonny Roxx

Jonny Roxx actually helped Drake to lose 30 pounds at first, as Drake wanted to look sleek and sharp in a suit.

Bodyweight Exercises are a key feature in this – in one workout, Drake had to complete 100 burpees. As well as burpees, which work the legs and core, as well as being a great cardio workout, he also does a lot of pull-ups. Roxx said: “We worked on pull-ups for a long time to get him to do a muscle up.” (see our pull-up guide).

To start bulking muscles up you need to lift some weight. This weight training advice will help you to bulk up like Drake

Drake’s Diet

Drake has been avoiding pasta and refined carbs. He has always been a big fan of Italian food, but has had to ditch some of his favourite meals to ensure he sheds some fat while gaining muscle. One of the best diets to follow to help lose fat while building muscle is the low GI diet, combined with some extra, healthy protein sources.

Drake v’s Bench Press

And now for something completely different – Drake enjoying some Taylor Swift at the gym.


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