Danielle Lloyd Lost Weight On The Holford Diet

Danielle O'hara (nee  Lloyd
Danielle O’hara (nee Lloyd

Danielle O’Hara (nee Lloyd) has lost all her baby fat within just 11 weeks of giving birth. She is the latest celebrity that has managed to recover her pre-pregnancy figure within a few months of birth. She was recently seen doing a photo shoot with a perfect flat stomach. She now weighs 9 stone 7 pounds (133 libs, 60kg).

She lost 4 dress sizes since she was pregnant, something that many moms would love to be able to do. Well, that fact is that many moms can do this. All that is required is a strict diet and plenty of healthy exercise.

There are of course many other ways to lose baby fat. Jada Pinkett Smith lost weight after birth by following a low GI diet and doing lots of exercise.

If you prefer to workout in front of the TV then Mel B’s Totally Fit workout is ideal, she also provides details of her own fitness routine.

Many moms manage to lose all their baby weight. In fact our chief editor and yoga expert lost all her weight after birth too using Ashtanga Yoga workouts.

Danielle Lloyd’s Diet – The Holford Diet

Danielle Lloyd followed the Holford diet plan to help he lose weight. Really this is just a low GI diet (referred to as a low glycemic diet). She says that the change she has seen since starting the diet is amazing:

“I’ve got so much energy. I’m raring to go. My digestion is perfect and I have no more stomach pains. I’m also much less moody. I’ve lost more than half a stone- and that’s without being on a calorie controlled diet. It’s the perfect way to lose weight. I’m going to keep eating like this, it’s fantastic!”

Her diet really was terrible when she gained weight. She made all the classic mistakes – eating crisps (chips), sweets (candy), takeaways, burgers and soda. Her digestion was terrible and she gained a lot of weight. She lacked energy and was suffering pre-menstrual syndrome quite badly too. She followed a low GI diet for just 6 weeks and combined with intensive exercise routines she lost her weight and started to get back into great shape.

According to Patrick Holford, her nutritionist, here typical daily diet would be;

  • Breakfast: A bowl of porridge (30g) or scrambled egg on wholemeal toast
  • Morning snack: A punnet of strawberries
  • Lunch: Tuna salad and three oatcakes
  • Afternoon: snack Handful of unsalted peanuts and a pear
  • Dinner: Tomato soup, followed by salmon, sweetcorn and green beans or grilled chicken with vegetables.

This is a good diet and one that we often suggest to our readers as part of a healthy, low calorie, low carb diet ideal for getting fit and strong. After 6 weeks Danielle was apparently cured of her digestive problems and had lost around 10 pounds.

Photo by SPakhrin.

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