Daniel Radcliffe’s Low Gi & Bodyweight Workouts

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter. We could talk about his other roles, but at the moment they are still very much totally overshadowed by the Harry Potter series over the last 10 years.

Daniel Radcliff is in great shape. You would never know it from watching him play Harry Potter, but in his theatrical role as Equus his body was on display for all to see. He is lean and muscular. He has also said that he aspires to get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer player who is famous for his amazing body and six pack abs.

Daniel has a small frame, he is just under 5 foot 6,  so it is vital that he eats a very lean and healthy diet. Just overindulging a tiny bit would result in weight gain, and that is something he is very keen to avoid.

So his diet is generally a healthy low GI diet, with fresh fruits and salad, vegetables, lean meats and dairy. He avoids junk food, ice cream, soda, chocolate and processed foods. He has to limit pizza and bread too as these contain many calories which quickly lead to weight gain. There are also reports that he has given up drinking beer too – a sure sign that he is serious about losing some fat and toning up.

His fitness is simple. Following in Cristiano’s footsteps he performs many crunches and sit-ups every day as well as doing bodyweight exercises and some gym work.

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus

Here is one of the many photo montages that you can find on Youtube of Harry Potter star baring all.

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