Claire Danes’ annoyingly obvious fitness tips

Claire Danes - Images from  Google Search
Claire Danes – Images from Google Search

Claire Danes is an American actress who is currently playing Carrie Mathison in the very popular Homeland on Showtime. She has also appeared as Cosette in the 1998 Les Misérables, Juliet Capulet in the 1996 film Romeo & Juliet. Her first television appearance was in Law & Order in 1992. She had her first child in December 2012.

Claire Danes Fitness

Claire Danes is in excellent shape and she maintains her healthy figure by running and dancing. She learned to dance while in acting school and while at the New York City theater she choreographed her own dances.

 “Some of my happiest moments have been dancing. Right now, I’m really into Jamaican jams and Caribbean soul.”

She has been seen running on many occasions in West Village and Battery Park in New York and also Manhattan. She runs all year round as far as we can tell as she has been seen out running with thermals and a coat.

While running she was also seen wearing a pair of Bend & Bloom Yoga pants, which suggests that she is a member of the Brooklyn yoga club and does yoga for her strength and flexibility training.

FitSugar reported that she has a personal trainer,  Joe Dowdell. His tips for Claire is to not exhaust herself with  exercise. Three days a week of cardio is enough.

In an interview with Vogue Magazine she explained how she uses exercise to help stay mentally focussed and to manage her emotions.

Claire Danes Diet

In October 2013 Shape magazine spoke to her about her career and how she says in shape. She talked about her diet and said: “I eat in moderation and try not to worry about it. I mean, I’m young, healthy, and I think every now and then it’s good to indulge the soul. I try to eat sensibly. I cheat, but for the most part I eat in a clean way.”

She also takes care of her skin: “My skin is a bit sensitive, so Cetaphil is my standby. I also use toner and a light layer of moisturizer—I use a lot of Kiehl’s and other natural brands.”

She once said that her methods for staying in shape are actually “annoyingly obvious” and that the real secret is simply “sleep, exercise, and good eating”.

This really is the best way to stay healthy – just eat sensible portions and avoid overeating. Then with regular exercise you will be fit and healthy.

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