Chico DeBarge’s Fitness Time

Chico DeBarge is becoming one of America’s top R&B signers, the man behind last years “Oh No” album and the 2000 R&B album “Listen to Your Man”. His career has been a roller coaster ride but an appearance at the 2010 BET Awards sees him back at the top of the game once again.

He is certainly in great shape and being a father of 5 children has not caused him to gain weight like so many other dads do.

He spent 5 years in prison and came out in good shape. A diet of prison food and prison workout regime kept him in shape and this has stayed with him in recent years. If you spend any length of time on a calorie controlled diet (you cannot eat whenever you want to in prison) then you just get used to not eating so much. This keeps you in shape.

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