Charlize Theron Flux Fat With Yoga

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, the South African actress most famous for her parts in PrometheusAeon Flux (she played Aeon Flux) and Monster. She is currently most famous for her part on Top Chef, and the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. The 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road could be one of her most demanding roles to date. In some circles she is best remembered for her 2007 J’Adore commercial where she strips off to reveal her nude figure. It is, of course, very artistically done!

Yoga workouts

Charlize is a bit of a fitness fanatic. She is a trained dancer

She hits the gym often but her favorite workout at the moment seems to be yoga. She has been seen leaving a yoga classes on many occasions in West Hollywood with a yoga mat and blanked tucked under her arm. She is always looking very relaxed and at one with the world – and in great shape too.

She also enjoys doing gym workouts to stay fit and toned and Pilates. The combination of cardio, Pilates and yoga does seem to be popular amongst Holleywood’s celebrities at the moment.

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When Charlize wants to pump her muscles more to get toned and super fit she prefers to do kettlebell workouts. Kettlebells provide a great balance of cardio and strength training with an emphases on toning the butt, thighs and core.

Cirque Du Soleil gymnastics

To get in shape for Aeon Flux she worked with Terry Bartlett, a Cirque Du Soleil performer who taught her how to perform gymnastic moves, rolls and tumbles to be able to portray a superby fit, leather-clad secret agent come assassin, without the need for CGI!

Charlize’s healthy diet

Maintaining a body like Charlize does require more than cardio, yoga, Pilates and kettlebell workouts! Healthy eating is vital to ensure that her body gets enough nutrition to stay fit and strong while ensuring that calories are kept low enough to avoid weight gain. Even with all that exercise you still need to watch what you eat.

Charlize has adopted the six meals a day policy to stay in shape. This is a popular way of eating for athletes and bodybuilders who which to ensure that their body is receiving  a regular supply of nutrients without having to eat large meals that may lead to weight gain.

Cahrlize said of here diet: “I’m careful to eat a healthy balance of foods, but I eat six small meals a day. If I fancy a burger, rather than deprive myself I’ll have a quarter of one.”

This is a sensible approach to eating. The cause of being overweight is always because too much food is eaten. Portions are always served too large, especially in America, so it makes sense to enjoy one quarter of a burger rather than a whole one.

Charlize never eats junk food, pizzas or French fries. This is a simple rule that everybody who is looking to lose weight, or maintain a healthy body, should follow. She also drinks plenty of water rather than soft drinks, as this is the best form of hydration you can get.

Charlize was once seen carrying a boxy of LeanBody meal replacement shakes. This was in 2010 so it is certainly not proof that she is still using this product today.

A typical daily diet:

  • Breakfast – A simple breakfast of oats and fruits for quality energy.
  • Snacks – A light yogurt or one piece of fruit is all that is needed mid-morning.
  • Lunch – Lunch is a complete meal with a lean protein (chicken, fish) with undressed salad or steam vegetables. Soups are also a good option as they keep her full and provide energy and nutrition. She sometimes has meal replacement shakes for lunch.
  • Snacks – Afternoon snack will be another piece of fruit, often banana for the added energy.
  • Dinner – Charlize will eat more fiber in the evening, with vegetables and salads. Depending on the size of lunch, dinner may be small.
  • Snacks – A final snack of the day may include another piece of fruit, some nuts, cottage cheese or a little treat before bed.

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  1. Teresa Shirley says:

    I loooove Charlize Theron. She is one of my most admired female celebrities in Hollywood and that’s not just because she’s a great actress but also, how she maintains her sexy physique even at her age. And those shoulders, they’re really to die for.

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    She is only 38!

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