Cassadee Pope Prefers Pilates

Cassadee Pope Gymin alone selfie
Cassadee Pope “Gymin alone” – a selfie taken in the gym mirror and posted to her Instagram page.

Cassadee Pope is an American singer-songwriter and is lead singer in Hey Monday. She took part in NBC’s The Voice, and won in December 2012. Her first solo album, Frame by Frame, was released in October 2013 and is proving to be very popular. She will be appearing in New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly on NBC. Cassadee Pope is also in excellent shape. She is slim and elegant and looks after her health. But how does she stay in shape?

Pilates workouts

She told Self magazine that she loves to use a Pilates Reformer machine to exercise. She said that she had incredible results after using it when she was going to a Pilates every week.

“Pilates kicked my ass. Those machines are the devil. In a good way”. – Twitter, 29 Sep 12

She has described her Pilates class as “the torture chamber”, but she obviously gets great results from it.

Cassadee Pope Pilates

However, when touring she finds it harder to workout but does also go to the gym and follows a simple routine when on tour.

Cardio workouts

Cassadee Pope with Nike running shoesCassadee says that she likes to keep mixing her workouts up to keep them interesting. She does use the elliptical and treadmill but finds that she gets bored with them so will do other things.

Her usual workout is 20 minutes of jogging then a series of bodyweight exercises, which includes:

  • 50 leg lifts on each leg (100 total)
  • 30 push ups
  • Abdominal exercises (crunches) to failure (as many as she can)

Nike famously sent her a pair of running shoes. She posted a photo on Twitter of her holding them in her teeth and wrote: “thank you, nike, for sending me running shoes! now i can jog in style ;).”

Dancing with Shania Twain

She is very active in her work and also enjoys to dance for fun too, she says that when Shania Twain’s music is played she cannot help to move!

Diet and favorite foods

Cassadee is still young and very active so can get away with more junk food than most of us. She admitted on Twitter that “I eat crap way too much.” In an Interview with Alter The Press she shared some more details of her diet. She said that dieting is not fun, but eating fresh foods makes dieting bearable.

He favorite snack is banana with peanut butter. This snack is full of protein and energy, ideal if you are leading an active lifestyle. She does admin to craving chips, but tries her best to chose a healthier option.

Cassadee Pope admires other celebrity bodies. She told Self that she loves Jessica Biel’s beautifully curved and toned body.

Cassadee’s experience with Pilates is a good lesson for all of us. While it is good to use fitness equipment to stay in shape you should never rely on it because when it is not available you end up not exercising. Learn some bodyweight exercises to stay in shape while away from the gym. But what is most important is to have a healthy relationship with food and get regular exercise.



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