Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad Sensation Charlotte McKinney talks Fitness

Charlotte Mckinney with burgerOn Saturday Charlotte McKinney was just another unknown, 21-year-old model. By Sunday night she was one of the most talked about women in the world.

Charlotte McKinney is the stunning, blonde model who appeared in Carl’s Jr (an American burger chain) Super Bowl XLIX advert.

In the advert Charlotte strolls in the nude through a farmer’s market to promote Carl’s Jr  All-Natural Burger.

The All-Natural Burger is made from meat that has not been tarnished with antibiotics, hormones or steroids. It is health, natural meat, which as we know is a great source of protein and L-carnitine.

Although she is an advocate of the natural look and is curvy with it (32D bust for those who like stats) do not be fooled into thinking that she does not have to work hard for that body.

A sexy body like that of McKinney’s does not come without some sweat and pain.

She explained to The Skinny Confidential that she has always enjoyed following a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a big fan of yoga; wherever she goes she seeks out a yoga studio where she can join a class and practice her asanas.

Weekly Workout

Charlotte McKinney is generally pretty active but on top of this manages to squeeze in some weekly workouts.

Her favorite forms of exercise are hot power yoga and Pilates. She loves the way both help to tone her whole body without adding any notable muscle.

Power Walker

If she cannot get along to a yoga or Pilates class she takes power walks along the beach and then practices her yoga postures when she finds a quiet spot on the beach.

Healthy Eating

Charlotte loves healthy eating and enjoys fresh fish and quinoa. She is very careful to ensure that she eats plenty of lean proteins to help her feel energized.

Of course, she also gives herself a treat now and then. She loves chocolate and one of her favorite foods is lava cake.

Banana ice cream

Charlotte also has her own banana ice cream recipe that she makes whenever she craves something sweet. She uses two frozen bananas (sliced), one tablespoon of almond butter and one tablespoon of cacao powder.

The ice cream is made by adding the banana to a food processor and then adding almond butter (or peanut butter) and cocoa powder, chocolate chips and raspberries. Simply serve and eat – just not every day!

Sleep and Sunscreen

Charlotte attributes her good looks to getting plenty of sleep and using lots of sunscreen. She started modelling when she was just 17 and has always enjoyed traveling.

If you wish to see more of Charlotte McKinney in underwear you should check out Guess’s new lingerie campaign – she is the lead model.

charlotte Mckinney with burgers

Photos from Charlotte’s page.

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