Bryan Adams Diet and Exercise Secrets

Bryan Adams kicking high on stage
Bryan Adams at Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany, June 3, 2007

New Year 2016 sees Canadian rocker Bryan Adams play live at London’s Big Ben to help the British people see the new year in. Adams’ career has now spanned over 30 years – his first album was released in 1980, although it was the Reckless album that shot him to fame, with the classic nostalgic rock anthem “Summer of ’69” and classic “Run to You”, and then in 1991, “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”  spent 16 weeks at the UK No.1 spot – still an all-time record.

I’m very slim due to my diet” – Bryan Adams

What is equally impressive is how such a successful rocker has kept himself in such amazing shape all these years. Unlike Gary Barlow, who sang us into the new year last year, Bryan Adams never had that overweight phase – he has always been a lean, clean, rocking machine!

Bryan is a Vegan

Bryan’s secret to his slim frame and longevity could be his diet – he has been a vegan since 1989 – he also does work with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in support of animal rights.

In 2008, the Guardian ran an article on Bryan Adams’ diet, “What’s in your basket?“, in which Adams spoke at length about his diet. Here are the main facts:

  • He became a vegan for health purposes – he used to get sick after eating meat
  • He was inspired to become vegetarian after reading “Fit For Life” by Harvey Diamond
  • Typical Breakfast: Fruit juice and mixed fruit salad – “No coffee, no toast… just fruit”
  • Dinner: Salads or pasta
  • Snacks: Avacados and lemons
  • He takes a juicer everywhere and buys fresh fruits and veges
  • He avoids alcohol – only drinks on his birthday
  • He drinks green tea
  • Favourite salads:
    • Raw artichoke hearts with chives, lemon and olive oil
    • Rocket salads with cherry tomatoes and thinly sliced fennel
    • Grated raw broccoli with a light dressing of soy sauce, lemon and olive oil
  • Some healthy foods he includes:
    • Fennel
    • Avocado
    • Pasta
    • Dried fruits and nuts
    • Raw artichoke hearts


Bryan says he has no need for exercise. He joked with Carol Crenna that he goes swimming and dabbles with yoga, but he then said that touring and working is physically demanding and provides all the exercise that he needs.

Did You Know?

Although Canadian, Bryan Adams has called London his home for many years and lives in Chelsea with his partner Alicia Grimaldi and their two daughters.

Bryan Adams took a brief stab at acting, appearing alongside Clint Eastwood in Pink Cadillac.

He is also a keen photographer and has had his work featured in British Vogue, L’uomo Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Interview magazine and i-D.

Bryan Adams is anti-war – he refused to allow his song “Only The Strong Survive” to be played in the Top Gun soundtrack, because the film glorifies war. He is also outspoken on Twitter regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2013 a compilation of his photos was published, “Wounded: The Legacy of War”, which features portraits of British soldiers  that have been injured during military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Photo by Marco Maas, Creative Commons licence.

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