Bradley Cooper’s high protein diet

Bradley Cooper in 2009Bradley Cooper has been voted by People as the hottest male celebrity alive in their article Bradley Cooper Is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive!.

He shot to fame after appearing in He’s Just Not That into You and The Hangover and then went on to appear in movies such as The A-Team, Limitless and The Hangover Part II.

People magazine talks about his lovely blue eyes and killer smile, but what we want to know is, how does he stay in such great shape? What is Bradley Coopers fitness secret? How did Bradley Cooper get in such great shape for The A Team?

Low Calorie, High Protein Diet

Bradley follows a low-calorie and high protein diet. That is not to say that he is on an extreme calorie restrictive diet though, as he needs calories to build muscles and maintain his fitness regime. It just means that he controls his calorie intake to ensure that he only eats what his body needs.

A high protein diet is a healthy diet. There are many healthy ways to consume proteins, and eggs, fish, nuts and pulses are all rich in proteins. Protein is vital to build muscle tissue and it also aid appetite control.

Bradley’s personal trainer, Ramona Braganza , says that eating too little is the biggest mistake that many people make when working out. Although overeating is just as bad and will quickly stop any weight loss (or fat loss, to be more specific).

One tip – mix protein and fiber helps you to feel full for longer.

Cardio, Strength and Core Workouts

Ramona Braganza certainly knocked him into shape. Ramona has developed a workout system designed to help lose fat, increase fitness, build muscle and tone the core region. She calls it the 3-2-1 method.

The 3-2-1 is a circuit training workout that is broken down into 3 10 minute circuits, with 6 circuits in total:

  • Cardio Circuit 1
  • Strength Training Circuit 1
  • Cardio Circuit 2
  • Strength Training Circuit 2
  • Cardio Circuit 3
  • Core Circuit

Each set is about 10 minutes long. The cardio sessions are basic, steady cardio, such as running, rowing, elliptical or cycling – the usual machine warm-up.

The strength training circuit consists of just 3 exercises each time. Typically it will involve working the big muscle groups, such as Squats, Pull ups, Bench press.

Each set of exercises is done quickly with only a short rest between each exercise set and each circuit set. The circuit it repeated until 10 minutes is complete.

The strength circuit is followed by another cardio circuit, this time high intensity interval training with sprints and rests. Again, 10 minutes is completed.

The next strength circuit sees another circuit of 3 weight training exercises, such as deadlifts, bicep curls and shoulder press.

This is followed by another cardio workout and then a 10 minute core workout which includes bodyweight exercises such as crunches, the plank and leg raises.

A note on weight training

Ramona Braganza emphasises that although these exercises are done without rest, it is still very important to perform the weight training exercises slowly and effectively. For each exercise in weight training you are working a specific muscle, or set of muscles.

Ramona says that the biggest mistake is using momentum to keep the bar moving. For example, if you are performing bicep curls it is very important to only use your biceps to lift the bar and not to use your legs and back to help it move along. Not only does this improve muscle development and fitness it also helps to prevent injury. Ramona believes that the best way to lift weights is with a 2 second lift and 4 second lowering.

You can find out more about Bradley on People’s page dedicated to him:

If you wish to hire Ramona then you can contact her via her website,


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