Blake Lively Exercises for 90 Minutes a Daily

Blake Lively by Josh JensenBlake Lively, also known as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, is as always in great shape. Born on 1987 she is still a very young 24 year old woman. She has already appeared in several films such as Accepted, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Town and the Green Lantern – a slightly odd collection!

So, how does she stay in such great shape? What do we really know about Blake Lively’s lifestyle, diet and workouts that we can learn from and share with you?

Fitness Secret: Bobby Strom Workouts

To learn about how a celebrity such as Blake stays in great shape it is always best to look to their personal trainer. Just about all celebrities have a personal trainer to ensure that they are making the most of their gym time. Blake has chosen Bobby Strom who has also trained the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds.

The key to her figure is to ensure that an accumulated fat is burned off with cardio and bodyweight circuit training. She exercises for up to 90 minutes every day, much of which includes basic cardio work on a treadmill to increase the amount of calories burned each day.

The circuit training workouts are designed to strengthen and tone her muscles. These include all manner of exercise such as:

  • Squats to tone the buttocks
  • Lunges to trim the thighs
  • Push ups to strengthen shoulder and back
  • Crunches – a variety of crunches to tone the stomach
  • Jumping jacks to burn more energy
  • Back extensions for posture and stability
  • The plank to develop a stronger core and leaner abdominals

When Blake was working on The Green Lantern she also learn how to perform a range of acrobatic movements and exercises which has helped to keep her in shape. Just teaching your body how to perform some acrobatic exercises really can serve you well for many years to come as it makes all forms of bodyweight exercise so much easier to handle on a daily basis.

Circuit training workouts are very “old school” and very effective. The greatest advantage of doing circuits over other gym workouts is that you can do them anywhere – at home, in the hotel, on a film set, in a gym or on the beach. There is never an excuse not to exercise as you can literally “drop and give me 20” at any time.

Healthy and Balanced Diet

As well as exercising every day to ensure that she maintains a healthy energy balance Blake also eats a very healthy diet. She does not need to “be on a diet” so her eating really is just plain and simple healthy food – a rich variety of fruits, vegetables, pulses and lean meats, chicken, fish with eggs and dairy.

She often eats oatmeal for breakfast (as instructed by Bobby Strom) as this provides a healthy slow release form of sugar to keep her energy levels up without the need to snack more in the morning before lunch. She often drinks almond milk with her oatmeal as this is high in protein which aid muscle recovery and repair after exercise. Her lunches are generally salad based with some egg, chicken, fish or meat for protein. For dinner she would often has sweet potato, brown rice and more healthy vegetables and lean meats.

A varied diet provides all the needed nutrients and helps you to maintain a healthy weight by ensuring that you are no eating too much fat or too much sugar. Balance is the key.

You can learn more about Bobby Strom’s approach to fitness and diet on his website:

Learn more about what Blake is up to on her fansite:

Photo by Josh Jensen

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