Binky Uses Her Weight Loss To Sell Diet Pills!

Binky on the cover Now Magazine

Binky on the cover Now Magazine

Binky, a character form the fly-on-the-wall reality show Made In Chelsea, has recently lost 14 pounds (one stone) in just six weeks. She dropped two dress sizes and toned up all of her wobbly bits. She is now in great shape. She talked about her weight loss in Now magazine.

Binky was never very overweight but when she was described as being a “big whale” by her ex-boyfriend, Alex Mytton, she felt the need to tone up to boost her spirits and feel better about herself.

Binky said that she used to hate her appearance, saying “my face was really puffy and my hair was greasy. I think I had lost touch with my appearance a bit.”

Strict diet and exercise

Binky used the tried and tested combination of intensive exercise and a strict diet to lose weight.

Following her new health regime she says that she has never felt better, either physically or emotionally. She said: “it was great to see my super-flat tummy” and being slim and toned has made her feel “super-sensual”, especially when wearing designer clothes.

Raspberry Ketone supplements?

However, at the end of the an article in the Mirror she attributes her weight loss to taking Forza Raspberry K2.

It is obvious that she exercised and followed a struct diet – she has developed a flat stomach and toned abs. But she says that Forza Raspberry K2 supplements was what really helped.

Forza Raspberry K2 supplements are described as a “natural fat burner” which contains caffeine and resveratrol. It is essentially the same as a “raspberry ketone” supplements with some added caffeine and resveratrol.

As we have already discussed, there is no scientific evidence that either resveratrol or raspberry ketones have any effect on weight loss. The science is not there and there is no evidence of any reliable human accounts. Every “review” reads as it is written by people marketing the products.

A big product marketing campaign

Binky promoting FORZA Raspberry K2

Binky promoting FORZA Raspberry K2

What is really strange is that Binky first said that she needed to lose weight for a “photo shoot”. In the photos from her photo shoot she was wearing her pink sports top bra and blue lycra shorts.

Coincidentally, she is wearing exactly the same clothes in the photo on the packaging for  Forza Raspberry K2. Yes, the photo shoot that she lost weight for was the same one that was done to promote the Forza Raspberry K2.

So what started as a celebrity weight loss story about somebody who took up exercise and healthy eating to lose weight and get fit has turned into yet another celebrity endorsement for a product that is not proven to help humans lose weight.

The big question is, what came first? Binky’s weight loss regime or product marketing? Was the entire story, that has been spread across the Internet and in many newspapers, all just a clever piece of marketing?

This is such a good example of how a celebrity is used to sell a weight loss product. It fools most people into thinking that weight loss pills will give you a great body. Even if these pills had a fat burning ability beyond slightly raising metabolism they will not tone your muscles or give you a flat stomach.

Do read our article about raspberry ketones before relying solely on a supplement to lose weight. Like Binky, you will have to exercise hard and follow a strict diet to lose 14 pounds in 6 weeks. Plus, it is probably no surprise that the UK summer holidays are only six weeks away ….


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