Billie Piper’s Call Girl Does Yoga

Billie Piper’s Call Girl Diet and Fitness SecretsBillie Piper is back on television portraying the high class call girl once again. She put on a little weight after having her first child, so had some serious work to do to get into shape for her return as Belle in Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. She appeared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week to talk about her role and her life. Billie is still only 26, and her son Winston is now 18 months old.

Regarding her diet and fitness workouts, Billie said “The diet, the regime, it will be quite intense. It’s boring and hellish, I’m sure, but if you’ve got to bare your arse on TV, you don’t want it to look bad.” Billie has also said in the past that weight does not matter, so long as you are happy in yourself. Very wise words indeed, but everyone wants to look good when the time comes!

However, there are reports that Billie has to go on a crash diet to lose her baby weight in 6 weeks. She had already agreed to a third series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl so had no choice but to lose the weight. For her the greatest loss was not being able to indulge in cakes and sweets, which she had been doing for the first weeks of motherhood!

Billie Piper’s Struggle With Anorexia

Billie Piper has not always been a healthy figure of a woman. When she was younger she became anorexic after a television presenter told her that she was fat. She used to use laxatives and also avoid eating. Once she had nothing but coffee for a whole week. This was the low point of her life, and only after meeting Chris Evans did she manage to start to turn herself around. Now she is a fit and healthy woman, and looks great for it!

Walking, Yoga and Swimming

Billie Piper reportedly enjoys long healthy walks, yoga workouts, Pilates and swimming. She is not a fan of gym work, although when she has no choice she does put herself through some punishing cardio workouts. If you want to do yoga to get fit, then Ashtanga yoga is the most energetic and best for weight loss and strength.

Photo by DarkChacal (Flickr)

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