Ashley Tisdale hits the elliptical and eats low GI

Ashley Tisdale in her cheerleading outfit in HellcatsAshley Tisdale from High School Musical likes to keep herself in great shape. More recently she has been seen in Hellcats (a cheerleading comedy) and next year is due to appear in a High School Musical spin-off called High Stakes. One of her earliest roles was as Kim in Donnie Darko.

Ashley Tisdale Workout

Ashley prefers to workout with the guidance of her personal trainer who ensures that she is always getting the most from her time in the gym.

Generally she does both cardio exercise and weight training in a one hour gym session;

  • Start with 30 minutes steady cardio on a treadmill or elliptical machine, increasing intensity towards the end
  • 30 minutes of weight training, covering the whole body. Most of her weight training is focused on core workouts, but also does push ups, shoulder presses and bicep curls.

She needs to be very fit for her television and film roles, as she performs her own dance routines and stunts. One of the most demanding stunts she has performed is the “toss up”, which she admits leaving her entire body sore. The Toss Up is also know as the basket toss and is when 3 or more cheerleaders literally toss the other (in this case Ashley) into the air. Ashley then does a twist or jump before landing and being caught again.

Ashley Tisdale’s Diet

Ashley follows a low GI diet, specifically avoiding refined carbohydrates and processed food. She does not eat bread, much to her disappointment. Playing the role of a cheerleader or dancer means that really she needs to be fit, strong and light as a real cheerleader.

“When you’re not allowed bread in your diet.. don’t go down the bakery isle at the grocery store!”

She recently “Tweeted” that she was not eating bread, but made the mistake of walking down the bakery isle while shopping – but she managed to control the temptation to demolish a loaf of fresh bread!

She enjoys eating fish, which is a great source of healthy protein and fat, and likes sushi when she eats out.

Ashley Tisdale’s Website

If you want to find out more about Ashley, you can visit her website: or follow her Tweets:

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