Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes a Gold’s Gym personal trainer

Arnold Schwarzenegger - admiring his photoArnold Schwarzenegger had some fun going undercover at Gold’s Gym. He played Howard Kleiner at Gold’s Gym and walked around the gym giving advice. SOme customers recognized him, others did not have a clue. Very funny.

He did this to help promote health and fitness and the After-School All-Stars program. It is currently trending in social media, so looks like he was successful! Watch the video below!

Photos and advice from Arnold S.

Arnold Schwarzenegger When it burns it grows
“When it burns, it grows” – Arnold’s advice on weight training.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - encouraging deeper squats
Arnold Schwarzenegger – encouraging deeper squats


“You have elbows, and you have knees, so touch them. Very nice!” – Arnold’s advice on crunches.

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