Anna Kournikova’s Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Anna Kournikova was playing tennis in a charity match this week in sunny Florida. She showed off her fantastic figure, again. Anna is now 29 years old and now mostly plays charity events and exhibition matches.

Anna Kournikova’s Diet

She has always been in great shape, although in recent years some people think that she is looking too thin. This may be because she is training less and has lost some of her athletic curves.

Her main method of staying in great shape is to simply control her appetite and restrict portion size. She eats a healthy diet with many low GI vegetables in salads, lean meats, healthy proteins and very rarely has any treats. She admits to the odd takeaway, but these are very occasional treats, maybe no more than once per month.

Anna Kournikova’s Fitness and Workouts

Anna still exercises, though not as much as she did when at the top of her tennis game. She exercises 4 times per week for around 45 minutes, sometimes up to one hour. She focuses on cardio workouts with some callisthenics and light resistance training.

She loves to swim too, but admits that she enjoys working up a good sweat. She is also a very active person. She still plays tennis, often does charity runs and enjoys roller blade along the beach front when the weather is good.

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