Angie Jolie Goes On A Bird Food Diet!

Angelina JolieAccording to the National Enquirer (Feb, 2014) Angelina Jolie is following an extremely restrictive diet to keep her fat levels to a minimum. She reportedly weighs only 93 pounds (42 kg).

Jolie was already very slim before her diet. We have discussed her fitness routines and diet before, but this is something new and not entirely sensible, if it is indeed true. The Enquirer’s sources say that she has become addicted to following a so called “bird seed diet” which involves only eating foods made with pre-agricultural grains.

While Angelina has always be a fan of eating healthy diets and taking regular exercise this might be a step too far. However, Angie is positive that her diet is providing many health benefits and that the grains she eats provides her with all the carbohydrate, protein and fat that she needs. Seeds are indeed very healthy, so maybe there is something in all this.

However, the diet is certainly not balanced. There are no fruits, vegetables, dairy products or meat.

What are ancient grains?

Ancient grains are millet, chia seeds, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa. They are less cultivated than wheat and rice, so hold a more natural balance of nutrients, apparently.

This new diet has resulted in Angelina losing more weight than thought possible. She is now only 93 pounds.


She may have argued that the diet is healthy and nutritious, however, while on set filming for her new movie role in Unbroken in Australia she collapsed due to exhaustion. This would not have happened if she had been eating enough food.

Her additional fat loss has also made the veins on her arms look larger and more visible. While there is nothing medically wrong with these veins, her method of dealing with them is far from ideal – the National Enquirer says that she is apparently considering using laser surgery to remove them.

Brat Pitt wants her to eat

Brad Pitt has been trying to persuade Jolie to eat more, but she is a very stubborn and strong willed woman.

Brad is hugely worried that Angie is replacing proper meals with what is little more than bird food.

The Enquirer’s source said: “He’s tearing his hair out watching her fade away with each passing day.”

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