Angela Kinsey’s Donuts and Candy Diet

Angela KinseyAngela Kinsey is most famous for playing Angela Martin in NBC’s The Office. She is also presenting the 2013 New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly, and will be seeing 2014 in on NBC.

Angela was born on June 25th 1971 in Louisiana. She spent her early childhood in Indonesia as her father worked there as a drilling engineer before returning to the USA when she was 14 years old. She studied English at Baylor University in Texas and was a member of the Chi Omega sorority. She married Warren Lieberstein in 2000 and gave birth to their first child, Isabel Ruby Lieberstein, on May 3, 2008. She has made a few films too, including Hot Bot, a new new teen comedy which is due for release in 2015.

Angela’s diet

Angela does not really “diet” at all. She eats healthy and says that she drinks a lot of water. Drinking water provides the body with all the hydration it requires and has no calories. It also helps to ward off hunger.

She breastfed her daughter and believes that this alone helped her to regain her flat stomach and burn some extra calories.

Judging by her Twitter page she has made some attempts to eat healthy, but it is obvious that she also enjoys donuts and candy! In February 2012 she wrote: “@RachaelEHarris you’d be proud…I am eating a disgusting healthy protein bar. It’s like chewing soggy bamboo. Blerg. #eatinghealthyday1″ (6:39 PM – 28 Feb 12). This appears to have been a short-lived health drive.

Angela’s exercise

Angela is not a gym bunny. She is active in life and chasing her young daughter around while juggling a busy work schedule keeps the calories burning. She enjoys healthy walks. She told Self magazine that walks with her daughter “recharges me mentally, spiritually and physically.” She also says that sometimes she puts her daughter on her shoulders and then runs a “block or two.”

She has been spotted out jogging and speed hiking with Office co-star Jenna Fischer

One of her tips is to get plenty of sleep. She tries to be in bed by 9.30pm when she is working to ensure that her body gets some beauty sleep. This is also a good way to avoid overeating.

She does find many distractions from exercise. One Tweet is rather telling: “Dropped the kiddo off at school…here is my chance to exercise but all I wanna do is work on Isabel’s scrapbook. #expertatavoidingsweating“.

But at least exercise is on the agenda and she is happy to make fun of it. She probably has a healthier relationship with exercise than many people manage.

Angela Kinsey by all accounts is another celebrity who stays in shape by being active, doing some exercise and eating a sensible diet. She is not prone to binge eating and avoids junk food. All the foods that are banned in popular diets are rarely on her plate, but she does sometimes indulge in a treat.

This is really how we should all eat really, if everybody took this approach to diet and fitness there would be less obesity and more fit and healthy people. For more information on this read our article which provides simple rules to help you lose weight.

Photo by Jeanne Wolf.

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