Andrea McLean: I’m Not Pregnant, Just A Bit Podgy!

Andrea McLean
Andrea McLean

Just watching Loose Women on Britain’s ITV Channel and apparently the press have been stating that Andrea McLean is 5 months pregnant due to that fact that her stomach has grown slightly in the last month or so. However, she announced to the nation just now that she is not pregnant, she just has a bit of a tummy!

“Glam Andrea, 40, is five months pregnant to boyfriend Steve Toms.” – This was the word from The Scottish Sun

She has now put things straight on Twitter too with the words “Thank you for your messages but there has been a misunderstanding over a bloater photo of me. I’m not pregnant, just a bit podgy!

She puts her weight gain down to enjoying jammy dodgers! It also seems that there have been more than biscuits…. according to her Twitter on 5th July,

“Highlight of today other than the fab women? The cupcakes. I stole a plate full ‘for my kids’. They will never know… *munch*”

It is funny how much attention women get from the media, especially when it comes to speculating about whether or not they are expecting a child. Also, this highlights how it is expected that women in the spotlight will keep in perfect shape all the time. For the press the only explanation for a slightly protruding stomach on a young woman is that she must be expecting a child, which is odd really seeing that we live in a society where being overweight is such a huge issue and such a common problem.

Andrea McLean is certainly one of the fittest presenters on Loose Women. She took part in ITV’s Dancing On Ice reality TV show and also took part in Celebrity Total Wipeout which sees contestants battle their way across a watery obstacle course in Argentina. And she is still in great shape, a little tummy is OK. A lot of people need to learn how to lose your tummy, but honestly, Andrea McLean is not one of them.

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