Alessandra Ambrosio Pilates Workout

Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazilian supermodel who is one the the Secret Angels (name given to Victoria’s Sectret’s models) was recently spotted working out in a Pilates class, using a Pilates Reformer machine. These machines are designed to give a full body workout from a seated position and are like a cable machine and rower combined.

Alessandra Ambrosio showed that she is quite down to earth, happily working out in a group Pilates class in simple workout attire. But there is more to her body than just Pilates.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Workouts

As well as a passion for Pilates Alessandra Ambrosio also has a personal trainer that takes her through more traiditional bodyweight and gym exercises to keep her well toned and slim. Exercises include old school movements such as squats, lunges, push ups and leg raises.

Her personal trainer, Leandro Carvalho, does provide her with a good mix of workouts though. He that created the Brazilian Butt Lift workout that mixes Capoeria, a Brazilian martial art with roots in Angola, and Samba, the fast and energetic Brazilian dance famous in the Rio carnivals.

Hiking and Walking

Alessandra admits that she is not a fan of treadmill work and prefers instead to go walking. Walking is a great way to burn fat, a 90 walk can burn over 500 calories and you still have the energy for a bodyweight workout later in the day.

Leandro Carvalho Brazil Butt Lift

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