Matt Lanter Eats Spag Bol and Runs

Matt Lanter plays Liam in the new series of 90210 Matt Lanter plays Liam in  90210 on The CW Television Network. He is a self declared fun guy and his character Liam does not shy away from physical confrontations and is often seen fighting and brawling.

Matt Lanter is also the Voice of Anakin Skywalker in Clone War series and appeared in the first series of Heroes, but was most popular recently in the political drama Commander in Chief on ABC.

Matt Lanter always makes, or keeps, his new year resolutions to stay fit and healthy. However, he revealed the secret to staying in shape recently in an interview on set when he said that the key to a good body is a healthy diet.

It is good to hear a Hollywood actor saying this, as often we associate rigorous exercise regimes with celebrity fitness. Matt Lanter prefers a sensible approach to eating, with healthy and nutritious food making up the bulk of his diet. He loves Italian food, and is especially fond of spaghetti Bolognaise.

So, what is the healthy diet that Matt speaks about? Really the key for Matt is to avoid junk food, processed food and excessive sugar. So healthy and nutritious meals would include spaghetti bolognaise made with fresh vegetables and tomatoes and lean meat.

Of course, if you see Matt Lanter shirtless then it is obvious that he does a lot more than just eat healthy. You can see that he works out as he has well toned abdominal muscles, chest and arms.

He maintains a very slim waist for a guy that says he loves spaghetti, so he must workout quite a lot. He is not bulky so this indicates that his workouts mostly involve regular cardio sessions with some full body weight training routines too that mostly work on his upper body. His lats look strong so he must do pull downs (or pull ups) as well as bench press, shoulder press, curls and a varied core / abdominal routine.

So if you want to workout like Matt Lanter you just need to follow a standard beginners weight training routine and also do some regular cardio.

Running 4-6 times a week with a few gym workouts will get you in great shape. Of course, his advice about following a healthy diet is absolutely vital. Good nutrition with regular exercise is all that is needed to be in good shape and look great.

Matt used to play a lot of football and baseball at school and both of these sports require a good level of of both fitness and strength training. He was a bat boy for the Atlanta Braves for two year, a job that requires a very good level of fitness.

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4 Comments on “Matt Lanter Eats Spag Bol and Runs”

  1. daniel bakic says:

    i want a body like matts ive been gng gym for 1yr im 80kg 178cm tall and i have toned muscled and great upper body strength and i also do cardio such as football , i need to get bigger late what advice do u have for me

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Daniel, to get bigger you lift more and eat more. Lift 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise, split the workouts so that you are not overworking the muscles – give them time to recover and grow. 3 workouts a week should do it. Healthy diet, plenty of protein. See our Strength section for more on lifting.

  3. daniel bakic says:

    thank you but i am 16 shouldnt i go to the gym more often and how many times a week should i do cardio and how many times should i do weights , also what is the best way to get a bigger chest split into 3 exersices?

  4. MotleyHealth says:

    By all means you can go to the gym more often, you do not need total rest between the workouts – just rest the muscles that you are exercising. If your goals are to get bigger, working the muscles 3 times a week and improving nutrition and rest will help the most though – that is what you asked.

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