Winter Wellness Made Simple

family in the snowWe all tend to think of winter as the time for being cozy and warm inside our homes. Warm fires, savory stocks and broths and maybe long evenings for the family by the fire. This is the idealistic view most people have, but also with winter comes colds, flu, and nasty coughs. Traveling in snow, ice, and fog is not pleasant either, but there is not too much you can do about the weather conditions. However, there are ways to reduce your risk of getting one of the winter illnesses.

Don’t Spread Germs

One of the easiest ways for germs and infections to be spread is by touching something that an ill person touched before you. They may well have left germs on a door handle for instance, and you would have no idea. Germs are not visible to the human eye, but they will be around looking for new people to infect.

Wash your hands often to reduce the risk of this happening to you, and make sure that all members of the family do the same. Otherwise one of them could bring germs into the home and you could all end up ill with a cold or the flu.

Keeping Warm With Layers

Several layers of thinner materials will keep you warmer than one layer of a thick material. This is because warm air gets trapped between the layers and the heat from your body helps to keep it that way. In return, the warm air will help to stop your temperature from dropping and it is a bit like a cycle of warm air and your body looking after each other.

If you have to go outside, make sure you wear a hat, gloves, and a scarf and that your footwear is waterproof as well as warm. This can be especially important if you have children that you are trying to protect from the winter ailments, as they are much more prone and susceptible to them.

Speak To Your Healthcare Provider

flu shotYou should speak with your healthcare provider about any tests and exams that could help you or other family members in the fight against colds and flu. They will be able to advise you if there is any medication that can help and will let you know about any flu vaccinations that are available. These can be a great way of making yourself immune to the winter ailments, but anyone who is pregnant, very young or elderly should never have them without taking a doctor’s advice.

Most healthcare providers would far rather help you with preventative measures than have to treat you for a bout of the flu. Have a chat with them before the winter sets in to see what suggestions they have.

Take Extra Supplements

Many of us will remember with disgust having a spoon of cod liver oil forced on us in the winter months by our mothers. It tasted horrible, but they would insist to help to keep colds away.  Unfortunately, they were probably right but there is no need to put your family through that daily agony now. There are supplements that can help to fight off winter problems as well as help to keep you healthier for the rest of the year, such as IsaElite’s products. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of extra help from supplements, so long as your diet is also healthy.

Have A Healthy Family Diet

An occasional treat of fine, but overall your family’s winter diet should include plenty of vegetables, fruits and anything else that are packed with nutrients. Limit the amount of sugar, salt and, fat that is eaten and you will find they stay much healthier until the spring. Fitting in some exercise will help as well. It should be 2 to 3 hours a week for adults and 1 hour a day for children and teenagers.

The type of exercise is not quite so important for this purpose. Everyone just needs to be active for some of the time. This will help to boost the immune system, which will mean your body will have less of a task in fighting germs and viruses that love the winter months.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

child putting on their seat beltAs well as keeping you and the family healthy through the winter months, there are other dangers that present themselves as well. The roads can become slippery and vision can be reduced if there is fog, so more road accidents happen at this time of year than at any other.

It does not matter how good a driver you are, there will always be other road users that do not take so much care. In fairness, in bad weather conditions an accident does not even have to be anyone’s fault, but in case one happens to your family ensure that all the seatbelts are fastened.

It should not matter how short the trip is or how awkward they winter clothes may make it. This simple step could save a life or serious injury and should be insisted on.

Keep Your Home Smoke-Free

Smokers are at a greater risk of contracting winter illness, but so are people who inhale second-hand smoke. Keep your home smoke-free so that the risks are not increased for your family.

It is not just cigarette smoke you need to be aware of though. If you burn wood as a form of heating you need to ensure that your chimney is swept and kept clean. If not, smoke can seep back into the home and that will not do anyone any good.  If the chimney is blocked it could be a fire hazard as well, so having it cleaned before winter is crucial.

Have Fun

Winter can be a time of great fun. Building snowmen and having snowball fights are a great family experience, as long as everyone is wrapped up warm and prepared to fight off colds, flu, and nasty coughs. It can also be the time when families spend more time together because it is too cold to go out. This is often when old films or videos are watched while the family sits snuggled together nice and warm. It can be a very important time of year for the family because of experiences like this, so make the most of them with any ailments creeping in.

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