Why Clean Air is Vital For Your Health

woman breathing clean fresh air

With air pollution and air-borne diseases being an all-time high, the aspect of finding ways to inhale clean air in a clean environment is becoming more important than ever. But wait, why would you have to worry about breathing in pollutants when you’re at home most of the time, given that there’s a global pandemic and you have the privilege of working from home every day, or at least every alternate day?

Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but the air inside your home may not actually be as clean as you think it is. In this article, we’ll go over why you need to worry about the pollutants in the air (even when you’re at home), why clean air is vital for your health and well-being, and what you can do to make sure your air is free and won’t cause health problems in the long run. Let’s get started!

Air Pollutants are Everywhere

While it may be comforting to assume that the air inside your home is completely clean since you keep the space spik and span, this may not always be the case. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the major air quality problems in the U.S. all belong to indoor air problems. Some of the common indoor air pollutants are caused by excessive moisture, dust particles, viruses, bacteria, combustion products, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

While some people believe that having a mini forest within your home is enough to ensure that the air you inhale is clean, this isn’t true because plants can’t do much when it comes to dust particles that are constantly being circulated within your home, especially if there isn’t good ventilation or sunlight.

Health Problems Caused by Air Pollutants

The reason why air pollutants and bad air quality need to be addressed immediately is not only because it can lead to minor complications immediately but can also lead to major problems that can last a lifetime, if left unchecked. If you live in a place where the air quality is bad for a long period of time, over a few years, you can develop inflammation in your body’s cells, asthma, cancer, reduced lung capacity, aging of the lungs, and chronic respiratory diseases which you may never be able to fully treat and recover from.

There have even been reported deaths in the U.S. of people who had been residing in homes where the air quality was terrible and was in a way poisoning the inhabitants everyday.

Solutions for Indoor Air Pollution

While wearing masks when you go outside is one way of reducing the amount of pollutants you inhale, that isn’t a doable solution for when you’re inside your home. The only way to clean the air and reduce the risk of breathing in pollutants is by using good air purifiers that will filter out microscopic contaminants, smoke, allergens, and even mold. There are various purifiers that cater to different needs and contamination-levels, so make sure you buy one that’s suitable for your specific need and also suitable for the size of the rooms you have in your home. A good way to choose the right purifier for your home is by going through detailed reviews that list out the different qualities of a specific purifier, such as this air doctor review.

Once you find one that’s best for you, go ahead and make your purchase and also be sure to follow the general instructions that come with using a purifier- such as not leaving the doors and windows open when the purifier is in use.

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