Weight Watchers diets can eat curry

Indian vegetable curryGood news for curry fans that are trying to lose weight – Weight Watchers have recalculated the points of a range of meals and you can now eat a weekly curry as part of your weight loss plan.

Weight Watchers is the world’s most popular dieting community with over 2 million members in the UK alone. Weight Watchers are famous for being a strictly calorie counting diet, a system that really does work. This means that you can eat many treats while on the diet, so long as you do not go over your weekly calorie allowance (calculated as Weight Watchers points).

Other treats that are allowed on the Weight Watchers Diet is a glass of wine each evening (just on though). Their approach is that people should still be happy when dieting and that means having their favourite treats and a drink too.

New Changes to Weight Watchers Points System

Starting next week there are some radical changed to the way Weight Watchers calculate points. Dieters can now eat as much fruit and vegetables as they want – these are treated as free points in the new Points Plus program. This is designed to ensure that people do not only eat unhealthy foods to stay within their daily allowance. Potatoes (specifically chips!) are not allowed though.

In addition to the free calories dieters will now have a “Back Pocket” allocation of points. These are top up points and this is where the curry can come in. Each day any points not eaten can be carried over to the next, which can mean that if you accumulate enough points you can have a binge at the end of the week. But, only if you eat less throughout the week.

Weight Watchers are a successful weight loss company because they provide people with realistic ways to lose weight. Empowering people with information is all very well, but so often people just feel overwhelmed with complex workout plans and diet rules. Breaking a diet down into simple to understand rules based on points for different foods makes it easier, and therefore more enjoyable, for people to lose weight.

The biggest challenge for any weight loss plan is really encouraging people to stick to the plan. The theory of Weight loss is easy. Human nature makes it hard.

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