Weight training – push part of a push/pull split routine

Submitted by Jon on Mon, 03/09/2007 – 2:14am

I have not been running for a few days, no real excuses. I think that I just needed a rest, and to refocus on my goals. I had been thinking about starting weight training again for some time, and today I finally got around to it. The last time I was weight training my sessions were a bit random, so today I decided that I would stick to a routine for a while. I have chosen a simple push & pull split, and today was the push part.

Here is what I did. For each exercise I performed 3 sets plus a warm up set, using a standard barbell and a power rack.

Barbell bench press (30kg – 15; 45kg – 6; 55kg – 6; 60kg – 4)
Barbell squats (30kg – 15; 60kg – 6; 70kg – 5; 80kg – 4)
Shoulder press (20kg – 10; 30kg – 6; 35kg – 5; 40kg – 4)
Close-grip bench press (20kg – 10; 30kg – 6; 40kg – 6; 40kg – 6)
Standing calf raise (40kg – 10; 50kg – 8; 60kg – 6)

This was the first time I had done either close-grip bench presses or calf raises, so I used quite a light weight. In the next session I will start heavier for both groups of exercises.

I found the session rewarding, it was a good workout. I was slightly concerned with my squats, as my left knee has been clicking a little since I started running, and continued to click during the squats. I am hoping that the weight training will strengthen the joint and sort this problem out. Time will tell. My left knee currently clicks whenever I walk up stairs, but is OK along the flat and down stairs. Hopefully this will not become a problem.

The pull session will probably be done on Tuesday, all being well, and will include deadlifts, bent over rows, curls (hammer, standard, drags), barbell shrugs and hanging leg raises.

I am currently following a Standard Push & Pull Split Routine.

Weight training pull session

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 07/09/2007 – 12:19am

This week I have been busy, but I still managed to go kung-fu on Monday, and half of a kick-boxing class and then kung-fu last night. All good fun. Kick-boxing was extremely busy last night, there must have been almost 40 people in the class.

Tonight I finally got around to doing my pull session. I planned to do this on Tuesday, but I was feeling very tired, so had a rest day. I have not been running for a while, but hope to run either tomorrow or over the weekend.

OK, the pull session went well. I took it easy as it was the first one. Here is my lifting info. As usual, all done with free weights, in fact, all with the same barbell this evening.

Deadlift: 45kg – 10; 65kg – 6; 75kg – 6; 75kg – 4
Bent-over row: 25kg – 10; 45kg – 6; 55kg – 4
Drag curl: 10kg – 10; 15kg – 8; 20kg – 8; 20kg – 8
Barbell Shrug: 50kg – 6; 60kg – 6; 70kg – 4

I decided to skip the Hanging Leg Raises, partly because i was tired, and partly because the power rack was crowded with weights and the bench, and I could not be bothered to move everything for one set of leg raises.

That the deadlifts and curls need more weight in the next session, and the shrugs maybe same or slightly less, as I failed to complete the suggested number of reps for this exercise. But overall a good session that I am pleased with.

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