Weight Training after an IBS day

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 17/03/2009 – 12:47am

On Saturday I cooked up a big lasagne as I had friends over for lunch, but I think all the pasta and garlic bread triggered an upset stomach. I spent Sunday feeling terrible, had no energy and spent a lot of the afternoon in bed.

I have had a two almost wheat free days. On Sunday I ate scrambled eggs on evil toast, then bananas, a few pots of yoghurt and more bananas. Today I ate beans, hash browns, a sausage, baked potato with cottage cheese and cheddar, 2 tins of mackerel in tomato sauce, a banana, and a few tablespoons of Body Fortress Muscle and Weight Gainer supplement with 300ml of milk.

Today I was better, although not 100%, but decided I had to get back in the garage. So I did my usual weight training routine, lots of reps, low weight.

Bodyweight 50

Shoulder Press
20kg – 15
30kg – 7
30kg – 8

Incline bench press
30kg – 10
40kg – 7
40kg – 8
40kg – 6

20kg – 10
20kg – 12
20kg – 10

EZ-bar Tricep extensions
20kg – 8

Assisted pullups (jumping with focus on negative lowering) – 6

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