Week 9 – Day 10 of Atkins – 91.7kg (202lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 17/04/2008 – 8:26pm

I decided to weigh myself again this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see my weight was 91.7kg (202 pounds).

Total weight loss in 10 days of Atkins = 2.3kg = 5 pounds

Not bad for 10 days. I think I’ll have another week of induction, try to get down to about 88kg before starting the OWL (ongoing weight loss) stage of Atkins.

Too much wine? Gained 400 grams (3/4 lb) – now 92.1kg (203 lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 18/04/2008 – 7:48pm

Last night I drank some red wine with my wife and her parents. We had a good time. I restricted my eating to just the chicken and some broccoli, and I ate a fair bit of cheese too. I drank 3 or 4 glasses of wine though. I enjoyed myself.

For breakfast today I had 3 eggs, 3 bacon, 2 sausages and some black pudding. Very nice.

For lunch I had green salad with some tuna-mayo.

Not eaten anything yet this evening (over due a meal) but I weighed myself. I was 92.1 kg. I have gained some weight. Hopefully just water and stuff, and nothing to worry about.

I was reading today on how to progress to the OWL stage of Atkins. Now I am thinking that I need to stay in induction for another week. Maybe I’ll set myself a target of 88kg before moving to ongoing weight loss, and then I’ll just need to lose another 3kg to achieve my target weight of 85kg (187 pounds).

This will represent a total weight loss of 12kg, or 26 1/2 pounds. I will still actually be in the overweight category for the BMI, but I plan to build more muscle too, and the last time I was 85kg I was less muscular and reasonably slim. Maybe I need to head towards 80kg. That could be my longer term goal. I am not sure if I want to stay on a high protein diet for too long. Hope to move back to a more balanced diet (although I will not eat any junk food).

A few years ago I got down to 85kg and maintained that weight for about one year, just through exercise and healthy diet. But a change in job role led to a change in eating habits, and I soon put the weight back on. Not this time!

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