Week 8 of the Motley Health Fitness and Weight Loss Plan

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 11/04/2008 – 11:36pm

Also day four of the Atkins Diet. Well, to start with, last night I eventually got around to getting my photo taken. So here you can see what a state I have got myself into. I have a lot of fat to shift, and a lot of work to do!

Today I started with 3 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 3 rashers of bacon, and some black pudding. The sausages and black pudding are not really allowed, but hey.

Today was however a day of temptation. A colleague bought a box of doughnuts for the team. My favourite chocolate coated, chocolate filled, sweet doughnuts were there. However, I showed immense willpower, and did not indulge. I knew that even one will be too much, it’ll send my blood glucose through the roof and destroy all the hard work I have already done this week in overcoming my carb addiction.

Lunch was an egg salad. Had a coffee afterwards.

My inlaws arrived today, and my father in-law cooked a a beef stew. I took the beef, and left most of the veg. However, he wanted to try some Port, and we had a few glasses, and it was only after my first glass that I remembered that booze is off the menu too!

As a reminder, these are the allowed foods in the induction stage of the Atkins diet:

  • All fish, including: tuna, salmon, sole, trout, flounder, sardines, herring
  • All fowl, including: chicken, turkey, duck, goose, Cornish hen, quail, pheasant,
  • All shellfish, including: oysters, mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, crabmeat
  • All meat, including: pork, lamb, bacon, veal, ham, venison, beef
  • All eggs, including: poached, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, omelets, fried, deviled, scrambled
  • Other foods allowed during the induction period of the Atkins diet are:
  • Cheese, 3-4oz daily of the following full-fat, firm, soft and semi-soft aged cheeses, including:
  • * cheddar
  • * cow, sheep and goat cheese
  • * cream cheese
  • * Gouda
  • * mozzarella
  • * Roquefort and other blue cheeses
  • * Swiss

Vegetables: 12-15 net carbs a day of vegetables. These salad vegetables are high in phytonutrients and provide a good source of fibre:

  • * alfalfa sprouts
  • * daikon
  • * mushrooms
  • * arugula
  • * endive
  • * parsley
  • * bok choy
  • * escarole
  • * peppers
  • * celery
  • * fennel
  • * radicchio
  • * chicory
  • * jicama
  • * radishes
  • * chives
  • * lettuce
  • * romaine lettuce
  • * cucumber
  • * mâche
  • * sorrel

There are many other things that are also allowed, but this si the bulk of it. As far as drink is concerned, water is really number one. Port and coffee are ideally off the menu! Oh well.


Submitted by huang on Thu, 18/12/2008 – 10:13pm.

Weight loss has been a difficult struggle both for me and my husband. We have tried various methods including weight loss tea but it seemed not really efficient so now we are thinking about trying more into sports and gym :)

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