Week 7 of the Motley Health Weight Loss Plan? Weight=94kg (207 lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 09/04/2008 – 11:15pm

Well, day two of the Atkins Diet.

Breakfast: 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, 3 eggs.
Lunch: Grilled salmon with vegetables and mostly green salad. A few sweet potato pieces and some beetroot.
Supper: Tuna mayonaisse and a few pieces of chedder.

This afternoon I really wanted a snack, so I went to my staff canteen in search of a low carb snack, but there was nothing there, so I just went without! Willpower was victorious!

This evening I did an hour of kung-fu, good class.

I must be on week six of my 17 week plan by now. And some good news. I weighed myself this evening, and I was 94kg (207 pounds). This is a loss of 3kg (about 6 1/2 pounds) since I started. But, I have only just started changing my eating habits. In the last two days I have had no bread, no cakes, no biscuits, no sweets. I have even managed to cut down on coffee, by skipping my morning coffee and just having one at Caffe Nero at lunchtime.

Feel confident. I think I will finally lose my gut and build some muscle.

Oh, took some photos today too, to keep track of my progress. Will load them up here later.

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