Week 2 of the Motley Health 17 Week Fitness Program

Submitted by Jon on Fri, 29/02/2008 – 12:23am

Today is the start of week 2. I had a funny day at work. For lunch I just ate a egg mayo sandwich on granary bread, and then later went out for a coffee. But by the time I got to the coffee shop I was feeling a bit dizzy and light headed, so I grabbed a few things to eat (cookie and chocolate) then when I got back to the office I bought a sandwich. This stopped the light headed feeling. Annoyed that I ate more though. Anyway, this evening I did what has become my new weight training session, ie;

Warm up with clean and presses (25kg). 4 sets of 10ish. Got hard by the last set. I then did my inclined bench presses with 40kg, 3 sets of 10. Then bent over rows, using the same bar from the clean and press, so 25kg rows. For rows I worked to failure, which meant a couple of set of 16 reps, followed by another of 8 or so.

Then curls using the EZ-bar, with 20kg on. Managed just 2 sets. Did not bother with triceps extensions this evening. Was really tired by the time I finished the curls.

Upper arms felt really pumped, shoulder and chest felt reasonably well worked too. Add a Weider Nutrition Muscle Builder shake, and some beef stew and rice for supper. And some chocolate, and a nice cup of tea to finish off.

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