Week 12 – Weighed in at 89.1kg (196lbs)

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 10/05/2008 – 11:20am

Now in my twelfth week of the Motley Health Fitness and Weight Loss Plan, and the fourth week of the Atkins Diet. I weighed in this morning at a pleasing 89.1kg, so have lost another kilo (2 pounds) this week.

I have controlled my diet better at work. I have not exercised yet this week, but I have filled in a form for the 2008 Great Baddow Charity Fun Rn (2 miles). I was planning to do the full 10 mile run last year, but training was slack, and I am in no shape to run ten miles.

My wife bought my “Run Fat Boy Run” for my birthday last weekend, and that has motivated me a little more to take up running again. And the weather is nicer, so there is little excuse to not go running.

6 kilos (12 pounds) to go to reach my target weight of 85kg by mid-summer.

Today I run.

First Run For 2008….. and it felt good

This evening I went for a run around the village. It was my first run since before Christmas, so I was not expecting to go far. I decided that I would do the short route, which usually takes about 15 minutes. But as I ran, I felt good. I actually felt fitter than I did the last time I ran. Obviously all my muscles were fresh, and I am about 7kg lighter. This must have helped a lot. I ended up running the “long” route, which is still only a few miles. It took me 29:26 minutes, which is a reasonable time for me.

Quick review of past times on this route (here’s a map):

30 Dec 2007 – 32:03 minutes
11 Dec 2007 – 25:27 minutes
05 Dec 2007 – 27:40 minutes
24 Nov 2007 – 27:34 minutes
13 Oct 2007 – 32:04 minutes
14 Aug 2007 – 35:18 minutes

This is interesting, as the run this evening felt fast, for me. But I have done the route much quicker, in 25 minutes. Good to see that I am still 5 minutes faster than I was when I first did the route in August last year.

Anyway, the main reason for running tonight, is that it is the Great Baddow 2008 Charity run next Sunday (18th May). The day has two runs, a 10 mile road race, which I was planning to enter, and a 2 mile fun run. I plan now to enter the fun run at least. I have the form, I just need to post it. It is at 11am next Sunday, so not much time left for training. At least I know that I can run 2 miles without stopping. That is something positive to keep in mind!

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