Week 11 – Weight=90.5kg (199.5 lbs) – And it is May already, Must Get fit for Summer

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 01/05/2008 – 9:30am

I am also on day 24 of Atkins. But, I have gained 200 grams (less than 1/2 a pound). It has been a poor week for both diet and exercises. I went to a Christening on Sunday, and ate about a ton of sugar, and drank some beer and wine, and ate potatoes. Then yesterday I ate a panini granola bar at Starbucks.

Back to the diet today. I do not think tha t I have had too many extra carbs in the last week, but I have not lost any weight.

I only managed one kung-fu session last Monday. Caught a cold too, so that is slowing me down a little. And I have run out of eggs. Only just realised today how much I rely on eggs in my Atkins diet. Breakfast is eggs generally. That reminds me, I was browsing the net for diets the other day and came across “the egg diet”. It sounded interesting, but after a brief read it looks like the egg diet is just another Atkins rip-off. So many people create their own diets, which are really just low carb diets. Maybe I should invent the bacon diet. Mmmmm, bacon.

Bought some organic bacon the other day, so I am finally abiding by the rule of eating nitrate free bacon. First time I have had organic bacon since starting Atkins. The work canteen is very non-organic. Cheap and economical food, nothing healthy or organic.

OK. sausages must almost be done. My cold is feeling a little better today, so maybe I will have time for some weight training later. I did some impromptu dumbbell curls last night (now keep a 12kg dumbbell in the dining room so that I can curl whenever it suits me. Rest of the weight training equipment remains in the garage.

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