Week 10 – Day 19 of Atkins – Weight=90.3kg (199 lbs) – BMI=29.8

Submitted by Jon on Sat, 26/04/2008 – 6:14pm

Well, this week I only managed to exercise one evening, which was Monday. On Wednesday I was feeling a bot tired, and with headache, so decided to stay at home.

This morning I weighed in though, and the result was a pleasing 90.3kg (199 pounds). Being below 200 lbs is a good first accomplishment. Also, BMI is now 29.8, so I am NO LONGER OBESE! This is really good news. Although I never considered myself truly obese, as I carry a little more muscle than the average person, it is good to know that even under the strict BMI guidelines I am not obese. Now I am merely at the top end of overweight. Must stay focussed on 82.5kg (181 pounds) though, and not stop to celebrate too soon.

Had a pleasant couple of days. Last night I went to an Oriental fish restaurant (Hoyzen in East Hanningfield) and today I went to another fish restaurant, this time Loch Fyne in Chelmsford. I kept away from carbs as much as possible for both meals. Last night I had scallops with green Chinese vegetables, and today trout with a green salad. Finished both meals feeling satisfied but not stuffed. I did treat myself to two glasses of Chinese beer last night though.

Any, need to actually do some exercise tonight. Weight training. I feel like I am almost approaching the home straight, have got myself around most of the track. I still have to lose 7.8kg (17 pounds( which is a lot of weight, but I feel confident and focussed. 7 weeks to go, so time is running out. But I need to get slim (slimmer) by mid-summer.

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